Dave BELL – Feeling Blue 2003

Dave BELL – Feeling Blue 2003


Veteran guitarist Dave Bell has been playing and performing rock and blues since the early 70’s, most visibly in the club circuit around Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Dave discovered computer recording in 2001 and built a home studio, where he has been busy ever since creating original music, composing mostly in the latin rock and blues genres.
Dave has released three solo CDs, “Evening In Brazil”, “Feeling Blue”, and the latest one, “Mixed Bag”.
A great effort from a gifted guitarist. Featured are a wide variety of Blues feels from the moody Stormy Weather to the joyous re-tooling of T-Bone Walker’s Signature T-Bone Shuffle. Dave is a thinking-man’s guitarist and may well become a force to be reckoned with in Canadian Blues. Bravo Dave!
By Dave MacLachlan.
01. Stormy Weather ( 6:08)
02. Swing Thing ( 1:50)
03. Blues For Albert ( 5:12)
04. Rockin’ Blues ( 4:00)
05. T-Boned ( 4:07)
06. Blues Magic ( 3:51)
07. Walks With Angels ( 5:17)
08. Feeling Blue (11:16)

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