Dr. JOHN – Trippin' Live 1997

Dr. JOHN – Trippin’ Live  1997


The good doctor may not be quite the eccentric character he was back in his hoodoo days, but for this first official live release, recorded over a week in London in 1996, he tackles his beloved Crescent City musical stylings with genuine flair. Workings of Professor Longhair and Leadbelly tunes nearly surpass the set’s obvious highlights, the all-time fan favorites “Such a Night” and “Right Place, Wrong Time.” An excellent band helps give each number a tight, true read, but the musicians might also be accused of playing it just a bit too rigidly at times. A few changes and passages intended to sound spontaneous sound over-rehearsed. But that’s a minor complaint that won’t keep die-hard fans from enjoying this set. The booklet insert includes Dr. John’s personal take on each of his set list’s songs.
By Brian Beatty, AMG.
Dr. John once again proves he is the boss with the hot sauce, and one of the great live jazz/funk keyboard performers of all-time. His live recordings are so good, that his studio recordings are often overlooked. His unmistakable New Orleans drawl is one of kind, making this release his best live performance ever. The tunes are rocking, with takes on “Tipitina”, “Such a Night”, Right Place Wrong Time”, “Down By The Riverside Medly”, and “Goodnight Irene”, which is an atomic finale. Don’t pass up an opportunity to see this cat live if you ever get the chance, because he truly is a rock/jazz/funk treasure. “Trippin’Live” is one of the best get up and have fun recordings that I have ever heard, and ranks as quite possibly Dr. Johns greatest live album ever. Don’t miss this gem.
By Anthony Accordino.
Trippin’ Live is an absolute marvel. Recorded over eight days of shows in London, the sound quality is crisp, and Rebennack’s eight-man band, including such longtime colleagues as saxophonists Red Tyler and Ronnie Cuber, swings with remarkable ease. Naturally, they tackle “Tipitina,” “Such a Night,” and “Right Place, Wrong Time.” However, the real revelations come from lesser-known material: the loose, joyous funk of “Wild Honey,” a touching version of “My Buddy,” and an unlikely but effective “spiritual medley” that opens with a Mardi Gras-parade version of “Down by the Riverside” and closes on the black gospel jive of “I Shall Not Be Moved.” Satisfying from its first note to the close of the eleventh song, Trippin’ Live proves that Rebennack can still summon the musical magic of a city as strange and wonderful as any voodoo spirit.
By Keith Moerer.

Dr. John- Guitar, Vocals, Piano Jools Holland Piano,
Alvin “Red” Tyler- Tenor Sax,
Ronnie Cuber- Baritone Sax,
Charlie Miller- Trumpet, Flugelhorn,
David Barard- Background Vocals,
Bobby Broom- Guitar, Background Vocals,
Smiley Ricks- Percussion, Background Vocals,
Herman V. Ernest III- Drums, Background Vocals.
01. Tipitina (6:28)
02. Wild Honey (4:24)
03. Didn’t He Ramble (4:49)
04. Such A Night (7:24)
05. Renegade (7:51)
06. Kin Folk (5:36)
07. Right Place Wrong Time (4:33)
08. My Buddy (4:01)
09. Medley: Down By The Riverside,My Indian Red,Mardi Gras Day,I Shall Not Be Moved (9:03)
10. 24 Hours A Day, 365 A Year (6:42)
11. Goodnight Irene (9:34)

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