Rebirth Brass Band – Rebirth Kickin' It Live 1991

Rebirth Brass Band – Rebirth Kickin’ It Live 1991
Recorded live at The Glass House,
New Orleans, Louisiana in 1990


This CD captures the energy of New Orleans funk. It is overlayed with beats that remind me of Mardi Gras and when ever I listen to it my feet start to move. anyone who likes a good party CD that they can just let play, this is for you.

Rebirth Brass Band is off the chain with their tuba-driven New Orleans’ funk. Accomplished musicians, yes; but they serve up their Crescent City roots in kingsize portions on every selection. It is on from their first cut. Do not play this CD if you aren’t in a location where you can get up & party. Not the CD to be played as background music. This is one of those where you turn up the volume and then throw away the knob.
After The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the Rebirth Brass Band is perhaps the best contemporary New Orleans ensemble working in vintage marching band style. The group formed in the early ’80s while they were still in school. In the latter half of the decade, the band gained of the critics and the public alike. Since the late ’80s, The Rebirth Brass Band has cut albums for Rounder and Arhoolie, utilizing multiple trombone/trumpet/tuba instrumentation. They also play booming uptempo tunes, spirituals, rags, marching numbers, and originals, doing them all with a traditional feel and contemporary sensibility. Founding member and co-leader Kermit Ruffins left for a solo career in 1994.
The Rebirth Brass Band’s hottest, most freewheeling session was this live album recorded at New Orleans’ Glass House during Mardi Gras. It presents the group doing spiraling, furious numbers such as “Freedom,” “Kidd Joran’s Second Line” and the title cut. The solos, ensemble interactions and overall group spirit and performances were at their peak, and the engineering expertly captured the richness of the instruments and intensity of the playing. It’s both tremendously exciting jazz and dazzling, funky soul and R&B music.
By Ron Wynn, All Music Guide.
Philip Frazier- Tuba
Kermit Ruffins- Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Stafford “Lil D” Agee- Trombone
Derek “Dirt” Wiley- Trumpet
John “Prince” Gilbert- Tenor Sax, Vocals
Keith “Wolf” Anderson- Trombone, Vocals
Derrick “Khabuky” Shezbie- Trumpet
Solomon “Nine” Shabazz- Excellent Cowbell
The Morris Brothers- Tambourine
Keith “Bass Drum Shorty” Frazier- Bass Drum
Ajay “Grab-Grab” Mallery- Snare Drum
01. Kidd Jordan’s Second Line  4.28
02. Freedom  7.21
03. I’ve Found a New Baby  5.41
04. Talk That Shit Now  7.42
05. Tin Roof/Back O’ Town Blues  6.33
06. Rebirth Kickin’ It Live  8.18
07. Grazing in the Grass  5.48
08. Ain’t No Shame in My Game  6.46

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