Illinois JACQUET – The Blues; That's Me! 1970

Illinois JACQUET – The Blues; That’s Me!  1970
1991 Issue.


Tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet is heard in top form throughout this quintet set with pianist Wynton Kelly, guitarist Tiny Grimes, bassist Buster Williams, and drummer Oliver Jackson. The music, which falls between swing, bop and early R&B, is generally quite exciting, especially “Still King,” “Every Day I Have the Blues,” and the lengthy title cut. A particular surprise is a moody version of “‘Round Midnight,” which features some surprisingly effective bassoon by Jacquet. This CD reissue is highly recommended.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
One of the good ones (and maybe somewhat underestimated ones)…
It is an Illinois Jacquet album, it’s called “The Blues; That’s Me!”;
if you think you’ve pegged it before actually listening, let me warn you that Jacquet traded his tenor sax for the basoon to give as an sensitive interpretation of Monk’s “Round Midnight” on this album (and the bass player Buster Williams uses his bow alot to achieve compatible effects… Great deal of this album is a very bluesy mainstream jazz affair, with the occasional feeling of jam-session (which can be both good and bad, depends how you look at it…).
Illinois is one of those muscular tenor men from the Texas school (as Dan Morgenstern points out in the reprinted original liner notes) but this album is one of the proofs how complete a musician he was /I’m glad his career was so long; there’s more for me to explore…/
Another of the less bluesy gems from this CD is “The Galloping Latin”, set by a beatiful Wynton Kelly intro on piano, while the rhythm section is superb throughout.
By Nikica Gilic.
I’m quite partial to the sound of the Texas tenors and this disc lives up to my every expectation. Illinois Jacquet has always been one of my favorites when it comes to deep toned tenor and on “The Blues, That’s Me!” Illinois serves up heap’s of it! To make matters even tastier, the inclusion of legendary four string guitarist Tiny Grimes add’s that one extra ingredient which makes this platter a pleasing and worthy addition to any jazz/blues collection. This session is filled with soulful swinging blues, hence the c.d.’s title and opening track. Along the way we’re treated to a wonderful brooding rendition of “‘Round Midnight” where Illinois lies down his tenor in favor of bassoon, adding even more temperment to Monk’s moody classic. Pianist Wynton Kelly along with the rhythm section of Buster Williams {bass} and Oliver Jackson {drums} certainly deserve praise as they Swing to their soul’s content on the the irresistible romp “The Galloping Latin”, proving that good jazz doesn’t always have to be so damn serious. After a reworking of the Stevie Wonder hit “For Once In My Life”, It’s only fitting that this disc end where it all began, with a final dose of the blues, as Illinois and company treat us to a rollicking version of Memphis Slim’s “everyday I Have The Blues”. The folks at Prestige have again released a winner!!
This album has a few surprises.  It starts out with a really slow Blues number, then picks up in intensity with “Still King” and then you get hit with a somber rendition of “Round Midnight”.  Astonishingly enough the bassoon playing of Jacquet on “Round Midnight” lends itself to the Blues theme.  After that there’s a Latin Blues song, which also sounds slightly Asian, that pianist Wynton Kelly shines on.  “For One in my Life” kills the momemtum again but “Everyday I Have the Blues” ends things energetically.  The Blues: That’s Me! certainly keeps you entertained.  I would love to hear Illinois Jacquet and King Curtis in a tenor sax battle.  Man, they would rumble!
The mighty Jacquet is up there with the greats of the tenor sax like Hawkins,Young,and Webster.This album from his Prestige era in the late `60s catches him in a bluesy mood.Backed by a fine band of Tiny Grimes on guitar,Wynton Kelly on piano,Buster Williams on bass,and Oliver Jackson on drums.The title track,Stevie Wonder`s”For Once In My Life”,and Memphis Slim`s”Everyday I Have The Blues” are all ace but the most interesting song is Monk`s”Round Midnight” on which Illinois plays freakin bassoon!
Illinois Jacquet- (Bassoon, Tenor Sax);
Tiny Grimes- (Guitar);
Wynton Kelly- (Piano);
Buster Williams- (Bass);
Oliver Jackson- (Drums).
01. The Blues; That’s Me!
02. Still King
03. Round Midnight
04. Galloping Latin, The
05. For Once in My Life
06. Everyday I Have the Blues

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