Magic SLIM & The Teardrops – Tin Pan Alley 2006

Magic SLIM & The Teardrops – Tin Pan Alley 2006


Arguably one of the finest modern exponents of classic Chicago blues, late bloomer Magic Slim, whose recording career didn’t take off until the late 1970s when he was over 40 years old, is heard here recorded live over a period of six years between 1992 and 1998. Covering classics by Albert King, B.B. King, and Muddy Waters, Slim’s signature raucous, heavy swinging style is much in evidence on tracks like “Close to You,” “Tell Me What You Got on Your Mind,” and “She Was Walking Down Through the Park.”
This entire 12 song 65 minute CD is pure unadulterated electric Chicago Blues! The selection of songs is perfect with every one a winner. Slim performs covers of “Texas Flood” and the title song “Tin Pan Alley” which were both made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughan. He includes tunes written by a virtual “who’s- who” of Electric Blues; Willie Dixon’s “Close To You”, B.B. King’s “Bad Luck”, Albert King’s “Goin’ To California”, among others. Eight of the songs are five minutes or longer which is important when you listen to the blues. There are foot stomping, road house, juke-joint songs, and string bending ballads. This CD is a must have for any person who enjoys Electric Chicago Blues!
By Rick Shaq Goldstein.
Magic Slim- (Vocals, Guitar);
Michael Dotson, John Primer- (Guitar);
Nick Holt- (Bass Guitar);
Earl Howell, Alan Kirk- (Drums).
01. Tell Me What You Got On Your Mind 4:32
02. Cold Hearted Woman 5:22
03. Please Don’t Leave Me 3:23
04. Born In The Country 6:16
05. Baby Please Don’t Say Goodbye 2:57
06. She Was Walking Down Through The Park 5:53
07. Bad Luck 6:00
08. Texas Flood 5:48
09. Close To You 4:35
10. Goin’ To California 6:34
11. Tin Pan Alley 7:15
12. Cold Women With Warm Hearts 6:37

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