B.B. KING – L.A. Midnight 1972

B.B. KING – L.A. Midnight 1972
2009 Issue.


L.A. Midnight is a 1972 electric blues album by B. B. King. The album features two extended guitar jams with fellow guitarists Jesse Ed Davis and Joe Walsh (“Midnight” and “Lucille’s Granny”).
This release comes straight from B.B. King’s commercial peak (that is, prior to the unprecedented Top Ten success of Riding with the King in 2000), and it is a perplexing LP where greatness and aimlessness lie side by side. Using a freely eclectic mix of sidemen from Los Angeles, King strides to some sterling performances in certain tracks. The King is at his sly peak on I Got Some Help I Don’t Need, uproariously humorous and hurt at the same time, with crazy wah-wah filigrees laced within, and Can’t You Hear Me Talking to You is also tight and right. One of his best recordings of Sweet Sixteen leads off side two, where the lyric is updated to suit the times (I just got back from Vietnam, babyAnd you know I’m a long, long way from New Orleans and band, singer and his guitar rise to an emotional crescendo down the stretch. Guitarists Jesse Ed Davis and Joe Walsh join King on the two longest jams (Midnight, Lucille’s Granny. Get this one for the outstanding disciplined stuff. – Richard S. Ginell at All Music Guide.
Mel Brown, Jesse Ed Davis- Guitar
John Browning, Bobby Bryant- Trumpet
Randy California (Randy Craig Wolfe)- Guitar
Red Callender- Tuba
Victor Feldman, Clifford Coulter- Percussion, Keyboards
Paul Harris- Keyboards
Red Holloway, Barney Hubert, Plas Johnson, Earl Turbinton- Saxophone
B.B. King- Guitar, Vocals
Sanford Konikoff- Percussion
Taj Mahal- Guitar, Harmonica
John Turk- Organ
Joe Walsh- Guitar
Ronald Brown, Bryan Garofalo, Wilbert Freeman- Bass
Sonny Freeman, Bob Morin, Earl Palmer- Drums
01. I Got Some Help I Don’t Need Clark, King 5:45
02. Help the Poor Singleton 3:42
03. Can’t You Hear Me Talking Clark, King 3:32
04. Midnight King 8:10
05. Sweet Sixteen Josea, King 6:58
06. I’ve Been Blue Too Long Clark, King 5:23
07. Lucille’s Granny King 8:07

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