David "FATHEAD" NEWMAN – Chillin' 1999

David “FATHEAD” NEWMAN – Chillin’ 1999


Opening with Ellington’s “Take the Coltrane,” David “Fathead” Newman’s late-1999 Chillin’ brims with his band’s talents and his own pressed, soulful tone. Newman shares geographical origins with fellow Texan saxophonists like James Clay, Booker Ervin, Illinois Jacquet, and Herschel Evans, with shades of each present in Chillin’. Also present, very frontally in the audio mix, is vibraphonist Bryan Carrott, who plays with a wealth of tone singing atop his mallet strikes. Pianist John Hicks, too, turns in a commanding, if subdued, performance, playing sweetly on “These Foolish Things” and very funkily on “The Whole Tzimmes.” Newman’s robust execution benefits from his overall melodic and dynamic sense, which clearly displays the influence of his longtime employer, Ray Charles. So it is that Newman wields his soprano and flute with no loss of this album’s core girth, which is at once Blue Note-era casual and brightly snazzy.
By Andrew Bartlett.
David “Fathead” Newman has recorded many albums through the years in a variety of contexts and on several instruments. This straight-ahead effort is pretty definitive of his jazz abilities, for it has Newman making four appearances on tenor, two on soprano, and one apiece on flute and alto. Accompanied by vibraphonist Bryan Carrott, pianist John Hicks, bassist Steve Novosel, and drummer Winard Harper, Newman digs into such songs as “Take the Coltrane,” “These Foolish Things,” and “Invitation.” Fathead’s son, Cadino Newman, takes a couple of fine boppish vocals on “Caravan” and “Red Top.” Highly recommended.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
David “Fathead” Newman- (Soprano, Alto & Tenor Sax, Flute);
Candino Newman- (Vocals);
Bryan Carrott- (Vibraphone);
John Hicks- (Piano);
Steve Novosel- (Bass);
Winard Harper- (Drums).
01. Take the Coltrane  5.51
02. Return to Paradise  5.51
03. The Whole Tzimmes  5.58
04. These Foolish Things  9.37
05. Invitation  5.32
06. Chillin’  6.34
07. Caravan  4.42
08. Red Top  4.26

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