Delta ROUX – Dirty Shoes 2003

Delta ROUX – Dirty Shoes 2003


Roots rock that combines delta blues, New Orleans funk and Memphis Soul.
Delta Roux features the creative talents of slide guitarist Harry Bodine and vocalist Mike Milligan. These two Austin musicians have combined the roots sound of Delta Blues, Memphis Soul and New Orleans funk.

Well, they’re from Austin, but you would think they were from New Orleans with all the soul they have. Steel and slide guitar by Harry Bodine meld perfectly with Mike Milligan’s bluesy vocals, and what results is a mature sound that says they’ve been around the block a few times. The lyrics, too, emit pangs of a musician’s jadedness on certain tracks like, “Can’t Live Without It.” (“Another night/Another club/ Another line across my face”). The concepts are simple but sincere, the playing not fancy but tight. This is a good record to play when you hang out by the levee.
By Cristina Diettinger.
01. Bad Wind Blowin’ (3:23)
02. Can’t Live Without It (3:34)
03. Dirty Shoes (4:22)
04. Shake That Thing (3:14)
05. Been Way Too Long (4:52)
06. Eleven (2:04)
07. Drop ’em In The Well (3:58)
08. Shufflin’ Shoes (3:16)
09. Which Way To My Home (4:30)
10. I’ve Been Workin’ (3:19)

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