Eric BIBB & Needed Time – Good Stuff 1997

Eric BIBB & Needed Time – Good Stuff  1997


Eric Bibb’s debut album, Good Stuff, is a clever fusion of contemporary folk and classic country-blues and classic gospel that emphasizes the guitarist’s skill at fusing genres, as well as his flair for writing solid bluesy songs. Not all of the material really catches hold, but it all shows promise, and the very best moments on the record confirm that he’s one of the more intriguing new bluesmen in the late ’90s.
By Thom Owens.
Eric Bibb- Guitar), Banjo, Lute, Vocals, Guitar 12 String,National Steel Guitar
Janne Bohman, Derrick Walker- Harmonica
The Deacons,Paris & Andre De Lange- Background Vocals
Nick Malmestrom- Guitar
Göran Wennerbrandt- Bottleneck Guitar & Guitars
Janne Peterson- Accordion, Pupm Organ,& Piano
Christer Lyssarides- Bouzouki, Guitar, Mandolin
Hassan Bah- Congoma
Bjorn Gideonsson- Drums & Percussion
01. Good Stuff 3´18
02. Saucer ´n` Cup 3´43
03. Shingle By Shingle 3´28
04. Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down 6´50
05. Where The Green Green Grass Grows 4´27
06. Blacksmith Island 2´16
07. New World Comin’ Through 3´23
08. Too Much Whisky 3´19
09. Nothin’ Like You Used To Do 4´30
10. All Of My Love 3´33
11. A Simple Song 3´45
12. Happy Home Recipe 2´45
13. Done Laid Around 4´58
14. Rough Waters 4´45

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