Lil' ED and the Blues Imperials – Roughhousin' 1986

Lil’ ED and the Blues Imperials – Roughhousin’ 1986


Wild & greasy blues at its best, a two-song session for an anthology turned into an all-night, live-in-the-studio jam. Sounds like it was great fun.
By Niles J. Frantz, All Music Guide.
True to the spirit of Alligator Records, this can best be described as “houserockin’ blues”. Three hours and fifteen minutes, according to the liner-notes that’s all it took Lil’ Ed Williams and his Blues Imperials to record their debut album virtually live in the studio. In fact, in that short period of time, they managed to record 30 tunes in all, of which 10 show up on this CD. There’s nothing slick about this type of music, it’s rough-and-tumble jumpy blues, dominated by Lil’ Ed Williams’ scorching slide guitar. This band had been playing together for ten years when this album was recorded, so they have a great rapport. Their very first visit to a recording studio was really only meant to cut a couple of tracks for an anthology of up-and-coming Chicago blues bands, but try stopping these guys ! Happy, energetic, raw … It’s hard to exactly pin down the mood of this music. Perhaps the term “party music” sums it all up. This band must be great to hear live, but this album serves as a great introduction !
By Ozzie.
Lil’ Ed Williams’s Chicago slide guitar is the dirtiest fun to be had since the passing of Hound Dog Taylor and his uncle, J. B. Hutto. Williams and his band learned the ropes in West Side dives, and their three hours in the studio one night in 1986 resulted in first takes that mirror their club wildness. The Roughhousin’ session came about when label head Bruce Iglauer was floored by the band’s wild one-song contribution to the Alligator anthology titled The New Bluebloods.
Lil’ Ed Williams- (Guitar, Vocals),
Dave Weld- (Guitar),
James “Pookie” Young- (Bass),
Louis Henderson- (Drums).
01. Old Oak Tree 4:31
02. Midnight Rider 3:57
03. You Done Me Wrong For The Last Time 6:14
04. She’s Fine, She’s Mine 4:04
05. Everything I Do Brings Me Closer To The Blues 4:09
06. Pride and Joy 3:42
07. You Don’t Exist Any More 4:03
08. Mean Old Frisco 4:16
09. Car Wash Blues 4:33
10. Walking The Dog 4:58

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