Little Willie JOHN – Home At Last 2008

Little Willie JOHN – Home At Last 2008


Little Willie John was the first of the great soul singers, although he emerged and was active nearly a decade before the genre was even given a name. A diminutive, emotional dynamo, John could wrest the very heart and soul from the most mundane set of lyrics, making every word seem as if the fate of the world rested on it. When united with fine material like his signature song, “Fever,” which he co-wrote (and is included here), John invariably delivered definitive versions. This collection covers recordings made between 1956 and 1966, and the first nine tracks are from his prime years with King Records, while the rest of the tracks sound like live recordings.
By Steve Leggett, Rovi.
First, let me say that Little Willie John is, in my opinion, one of the greatest singers ever to have his voice recorded. Easily in my Top 10 list of greatest singers ever.
That being said, the quality of this recording is ASTONISHINGLY bad!! This is a bootleg recording through and through! It is so bad I defy the listener to tell whether (on tracks 9-19) this is a live or studio recording. Was it recorded with a hand held mic? Was the microphone located at the bottom of trash can? Was there a lid on the trash can? The listener is left to wonder.

I was really looking forward to hearing Little Willie John’s version of “If I Loved You” – which may still be in a vault somewhere in a listenable condition – and couldn’t believe how muffled and barely discernible this track was!! Ember records has GOT to be a fly-by-night outfit! No legitimate label could release something so ridiculously poor and 4th rate.

There must not be a Little Willie John estate, because clearly no one who looks out for his interests, and the amazing recordings he made, could be associated with this scam of a recording!
By James K. Power
Be your own Judge…..
Little Willie John- Vocals
George Barnes- Guitar
Bill Jennings- Guitar
Mickey Baker- Guitar
Everett Barksdale- Guitar
Kenny Burrell- Guitar
Hal Singer- Tenor Sax
Rufus Gore- Tenor Sax
David Van Dyke-Tenor Sax
Ray Relder- Tenor Sax
Willis “Gator” Jackson- Tenor Sax
Reuben Phillips- Baritone Sax
Bill Graham- Baritone Sax
Lowell Hastings- Trumpet
Ernie Hayes- Piano
Kelly Owens- Piano
Robert “Bubber” Johnson- Piano
Jon Thomas- Piano
Bill Pemberton (Bass
Al McKibbon- Bass
Edwyn Conley- Bass
Milt Hinton- Bass
Calvin Shields- Drums
Edison Gore- Drums
Panama Francis- Drums
01. Fever 2:38
02. Letter From My Darling 2:26
03. Talk To Me, Talk To Me 2:39
04. Spasms 2:42
05. Let’s Rock Whilst The Rocking’s Good 2:16
06. You’re A Sweetheart 2:40
07. Big Blue Diamonds 2:46
08. Doll Face 2:15
09. You Are My Sunshine 2:29
10. Home At Last 2:33
11. Suffering With The Blues 2:44
12. I Had A Dream 2:39
13. Never Let Me Go 2:11
14. If I Loved You 2:37
15. I Need Someone 1:59
16. Welcome To The Club 3:07
17. Early In The Morning 1:54
18. In The Dark 2:35
19. Crying Over You 2:47

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