Mitch KASHMAR – Wake Up And Worry 2006

Mitch KASHMAR – Wake Up And Worry 2006


Mitch Kashmar’s stock skyrocketed after his 2005 Delta Groove debut, “Nickels & Dimes”. Kashmar’s powerhouse vocals, sophisticated yet gritty harmonica playing, and imaginative material earned him a “Best New Artist Debut” nomination by the Blues Music Foundation. He’s played throughout North America and in Europe, winning new fans at every stop.
On “Wake Up & Worry”, Mitch Kashmar continues to evolve as an artist. He moves in interesting new directions with fresh songs and also finds inspiration and new angles in the classic material of Little Walter and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson. Joined by an all-star ensemble that includes Junior Watson, Rusty Zinn, John Marx and Alastair Greene on guitars, along with support from Hollywood Blue Flames alumni Fred Kaplan on piano and Richard Innes on drums, this album is sure to please critics and fans alike. Add in a quirky sense of humor and a sly wit, along with deep-chested blues vocals that sound natural, unforced, and unlike anyone else on the scene today, and you’ve got one of this generation’s most complete blues artists. So sit back and enjoy and leave the waking up & worrying to Mitch Kashmar.
Mitch Kashmar is an established West Coast harmonica veteran who has been knocking around for several decades but first made a dent on the international blues scene with his 2005 Delta Groove debut, Nickels & Dimes. As if to make up for lost time, he followed it up a year later with Wake Up and Worry, another solid blast of left coast swinging blues. Ignore the cartoonish and rather garish cover of a groggy Kashmar in a bathrobe surrounded by scantily clad models and dive into the disc for a rollicking jump blues party. Kashmar has a surprisingly compelling and distinctive voice, but it’s his astounding harp work that propels this music. Sure, there is plenty of Little Walter’s overdriven electrified blowing in his style — he covers both “Dead Presidents” and Walter’s “Up the Line” — but Kashmar puts his individual stamp on this sizzling music. Blues fans familiar with Little Charlie & the Nightcats will want to own this as well, since Kashmar works comparable territory. The harpist/singer takes a break from his jaunty style for “I’m Sorry,” a jazzy R&B ballad with female backing singers and some tasty guitar lines from John Marx. Elsewhere, Rusty Zinn and Junior Watson, two of the finest West Coast guitarists, add their energy and talent to an album that has no low points. Those who remember the late William Clarke will also gravitate toward this as Kashmar works a similar groove and possesses the same combination of nimbleness and attitude that characterized Clarke at his finest. The album’s closing instrumental shuffle of “The Waddle” will leave any blues fan impressed with its thick, gooey solos but the entire disc is one of the finest contemporary blues harp albums of the year. If Kashmar can maintain the quality and pace of this output, he should find belated fame as the master of the instrument he obviously is.
By Hal Horowitz. AMG.
Mitch is a recent addition to my favorites list after his last year’s release of “Nickels and Dimes”. He is just so energetic and real; that kinda style gets me every time! The only downfall to diggin’ Mitch is that like so many other of my favs, he tours almost exclusively in CA. Not a bad thing for all you folks that live out that way I suppose…I’m just jealous! I did get the honor of meeting Mitch at the Handy Awards this past May in Memphis and he was really cool. Check out Delta Groove Productions, his record label, as there are a lot of tasty bites to get if you’re hooked on the blues like I am.
By Shannon.
James Calire- Piano, Saxophone, Bass Baritone
Andy Santana, Cynthia Manley- Background  Vocals
Shane Drake- Background  Vocals
Alastair Greene- National Steel Guitar,Background  Vocals
Randy Chortkoff- Harmonica, Background  Vocals
Bobby Watley- Organ (Hammond), Vocals
Fred Kaplan- Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Mitch Kashmar- Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Shaker, Cowbell, Soloist, Egg Shaker
John Marx- Guitar
Junior Watson- Guitar
Rusty Zinn- Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Wah Wah Guitar
Rick Reed- Bass
Richard Innes- Drums
01. I Got No Reason 3:36
02. Dead Presidents 3:22
03. Green Bananas 3:20
04. Funky Dee 5:57
05. Wake Up & Worry 4:06
06 Night Creeper 3:58
07. Half Pint-A-Whiskey 4:06
08. Black Dog Blues 3:41
09. You Dogged Me 3:51
10. Up the Line 2:50
11. I’m Sorry 4:42
12. The Waddle 3:59

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