Ramsey LEWIS Trio – Appassionata 1999

Ramsey LEWIS Trio – Appassionata 1999


This 1999 release showcases the diverse pianist, Ramsey Lewis, in a more straight-ahead jazz environment. Concentrating much of his career on blending together pop and jazz to create (essentially) easy listening music, it’s nice to hear Lewis return to his roots in a traditional jazz setting. Teamed up with fellow Chicago natives Larry Gray (acoustic bass) and Ernie Adams (drums), Lewis and company render very memorable and thoughtful arrangements of a number of classical compositions including “Pavane” by Gabriel Faure, “E Lucevan le Stelle” by Giacomo Puccini and others. Also heard here are a number of Lewis’ own compositions including “A Song For Jan,” “For The Love of Art,” “Light Along the Path,” and “A Moment Spiritual.” Using jazz as the common denominator, Lewis fuses together elements of classical, gospel and folk to create a rather thought provoking set of music. In fact, Lewis’ bluesy flourishes, set against the backdrop of Gray and Adams’ swingin’ grooves, proves to be most effective.
As a long time Ramsey Lewis fan,I should not be surprised how Ramsey consistently puts out quality music.But he continues to amaze me and Appassionata is another quality effort by a musical legend. P.S I’m trying to locate” Mothers Nature Song ” on cd by Ramsey Lewis. It was produce in the early 70’s. I cannot seem to locate it anywhere. Ramsey Lewis should definitely consider putting this outstanding recording on cd.
Appassionata is the first album in 15 years to place pianist Ramsey Lewis within a traditional-jazz trio. The album finds Lewis improvising in a straightahead fashion over classical, opera, and spiritual themes, as well as playing his own jazz compositions. “More than any album,” Lewis says, “Appassionata is a snapshot of all I’ve done. From the time I was nine years old, I played in the church and studied European classical music, too. When I was 15, I started playing jazz, and it’s been with me forever. Appassionata centers around those three elements and then some.”
From JAZZIZ Magazine.
Ramsey Lewis- (Piano);
Larry Gray- (Bass);
Ernie Adams- (Drums).
01. Pavane ( 5:23)
02. Nessun Dorma ( 7:13)
03. A Song For Jan ( 6:42)
04. E Lucevan Le Stelle ( 6:44)
05. For The Love Of Art ( 3:38)
06. Vesti La Giubba ( 6:53)
07. Close Your Eyes And Remember ( 7:52)
08. Light Along The Path ( 3:49)
09. What Wondrous Love Is This! ( 7:16)
10. A Moment Spiritual (13:05)

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