Skip JAMES – Today! 1965

Skip JAMES – Today! 1965
1988 Issue.


After Skip James laid down some of the spookiest, most resonant tracks of the first wave of Delta blues, he fell off the radar for years, but like many of his contemporaries, he was “rediscovered” in the ’60s by folk/blues historians and given a second phase of his career. The 1965 release TODAY! is perhaps the finest moment of James’s latter-day work. Incredibly, his haunted voice and hypnotic guitar style seem to have magically avoided the ravages of time. Hearing him revisit some of his greatest tunes, such as “Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues” and “Special Rider Blues” (and even a contemporary composition, “Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues”), is like seeing a spirit long-gone revisiting the world to wail some ghostly plaint once more.
Skip James– Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Russ Savakus– Bass (on “How Long”)
01. Hard Times Killing Floor Blues  3:21
02. Crow Jane  2:57
03. Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues  4:10
04. Special Rider Blues  5:08
05. Drunken Spree  2:47
06. Cherryball  4:24
07. How Long  2:55
08. All Night Long  5:00
09. Cypress Grove  4:18
10. Look Down The Road  3:14
11. My Gal  6:05
12. I’m So Glad  1:54

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