Ramsey LEWIS Trio – Barefoot Sunday Blues 1963

Ramsey LEWIS Trio – Barefoot Sunday Blues 1963
LP 723


One of the strongest early albums by the Ramsey Lewis Trio – especially because it features some great original material! The group – with the usual Redd Holt and Eldee Young lineup – is augmented by Chris White on a few tracks, who plays bass while Young switches to cello, an instrument that he played better in jazz than just about anyone. Apart from the group’s great title reading of Cannonball Adderley’s “Barefoot Sunday Blues”, the record also features original tracks “The Train Won’t Wait”, “Come On Baby”, “I Spend My Life”, “Act Like You Mean It”, “Salute To Ray Charles”, and “Don’t Even Kick It Around”. Also includes Charles Lloyd’s evocative composition “Island Blues”.
From Dusty Groove.
Melodious & steady swinging trio effort by Ramsey Lewis, piano, Eldee Young (Christopher White Lonley Avenue & Act Like You Mean It), bass/cello and Red Holt, drums. The tunes are blues based with gospel/soul influences & the trio plays close together with dreamlike rapport.
A1. Lonely Avenue   2:56
A2. Don’t Even Kick It Around   4:26
A3. Salute to Ray Charles   5:51
A4. Barefoot Sunday Blues   3:35
A5. Island Blues   2:47
B1. I Spend My Life   3:42
B2. Act Like You Mean It   2:23
B3. Sarah Jane   5:20
B4. The Train Won’t Wait   3:02
B5. Come on Baby   2:30
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