Ahmed Abdul-MALIK – Jazz Sahara 1958

Ahmed Abdul-MALIK – Jazz Sahara 1958
Recorded in NY, October 1958
1993 Reissue. OJCCD-1820-2


Ahmed Abdul-Malik is the first to introduce middleeastern music of his kind. Abdul-malik’s music is unique and introduces far beyond his time. One of the istruments he uses, (kanoon) has a very distinct sound. As he played the kanoon he expresses feelings like no other being. In addition, the Oud also has a distinct tones that only he can explain. One of the greatest joy of listening to Abdul-Malik’s music is being able to go beyond and experience his moods. I really feel that if many people take the time to listen to his music, they would discover and unfold the hidden treasures of who they really are. Abdul-Malik’s music speaks to you and communicates with your soul. Abdul-Malik’s music is an example of how far the mind can travel. Even though he has passed on, the legacy still remains. Abdul-Malik left a message for us to carry on his journey. This is just a begining.
By  Halima Abdul-Malik.
This Album reissue is an early example of fusing jazz with world music. Abdul-Malik switches between bass and oud; interacts closely with the droning violin of Naim Karacand, Jack Ghanaim’s kanoon (a 72-string instrument), and Mike Hamway’s darabeka (a percussive drum); and mixes in Al Harewood’s drums and (on three of the four selections) the tenor of Johnny Griffin. The music is a qualified success, essentially Middle Eastern folk music with Griffin added in. This set is interesting and, in its own way, innovative but not essential.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Johnny Griffin- (Tenor Sax)
Naim Karacand- (Violin)
Ahmed Abdul-Malik- (Bass, Oud)
Al Harewood- (Drums)
Bilal Abdurrahman- (Duf)
Jack Ghanaim- (Kannon)
Mike Hemway- (Darabeka)
01. Ya Annas (Oh, People)  11:10
02. Isma’a (Listen)  9:10
03. El Haris (Anxious)  11:28
04. Farah ‘Alaiyna (Joy Upon Us)  6:59

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  1. Davide Davidos Says:

    Hi, themonk,

    Thanks for the note regarding the Dizzy Reece and the contact info. I’m glad to see that your site has been resurrected.

    This posting “Jazz Sahara” also seems to be lacking a URL to connect to the actual file. Looks like an interesting recording, though.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Best wishes,

    Davide Davidos

  2. FIXED

  3. Davide Davidos Says:

    Thanks, themonk!

    I’m looking forward to hearing it shortly!

    -Davide Davidos

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