Ahmad JAMAL – Extensions 1965

Ahmad JAMAL – Extensions 1965
Recorded May 18,19 & 20, 1965


A crucial album for Jamal – one in which he’s really working in the “extensions” mode promised in the title! The tracks are all quite long – far longer than on his usual Argo sides, which is why there’s only 4 in all on the whole album. The feel of the album is free and lively, a real extension from the groundbreaking mode of piano expression that Jamal had pioneered during the late 50s – and this added room allows him to spin out in more complicated lines that clearly would have a bit influence on 70s soul jazz and spiritual players. Includes a great track called “This Terrible Planet”, which has shaken bells with the rhythm, plus “Extensions”, “Dance To The Lady”, and “Whisper Not”.
From Dusty Groove.
Ahmad Jamal- Piano
Jamil Sulieman Nasser- Bass
Vernell Fournier- Drums
A1. Extensions   13:10
A2. Dance to the Lady   5:50
B1. This Terrible Planet   7:56
B2. Whisper Not   7:10

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