Eddie HIGGINS – You Don´t Know What Love Is 2003

Eddie HIGGINS – You Don´t  Know What Love Is 2003


Eddie Higgins has been on the jazz scene for a long time, but he seems to be a best-kept secret by those able to track down his various releases for independent labels in the U.S. or Japanese titles, such as this one from Venus. This 2003 session …    Full Descriptionfeatures the veteran purely as a soloist, performing a dozen of his favorite ballads. While most of them are time-tested standards such as the elegant “My Funny Valentine,” the shimmering “Beautiful Love,” or “Skylark” (with an Asian-sounding introduction that suggests the humor of its composer), there are some lesser-known gems as well. The bittersweet ballad “Yellow Days” hardly pops up on many jazz CDs, though Higgins’ richly textured arrangement should attract other musicians to it. Even though one doesn’t hear the lyrics to “Again,” this seasoned pianist seems to get across the implied apology to a loved one for a senseless quarrel. “Dance Only With Me,” an overlooked jewel by the masterful songwriting team of Comden, Green, and Styne, is arranged as an elegant, deliberate waltz. Recorded and mixed in glorious 24-bit digital sound, this is easily one of Eddie Higgins’ best all-around recordings.
By Ken Dryden.
Eddie Higgins Edward,February 21, 1932 in the United States born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Childhood education has been his by his mother. University, Higgins played in Chicago’s nightclub piano. Sometimes he led his own trio combinations, but sometimes, and include Aiergelei, Freddie Hubbard, etc., well-known artists to perform.Although his track has the feeling of compromise, but Higgins’s style dance band era bears obvious traces of a number of artists.He was good also good at solo accompaniment, he often with his wife Mere Di Sidan Brosio singer to perform.
As Venus Records’s most popular general, Eddie Higgins and SCOTT HAMILTON (saxophone), STEVE GILMORE (bass), BILL GOODWIN (drums) have launched cooperation with the Quartet had a lot of classic albums.Although Bop concert started, EddieHiggins Quartet’s work was absolutely no difficulty in absorbing the taste of Eddie Higgins respect for playing the melody mode allows you to clearly recall the familiar song melodies. Eddie Higgins treatment for slow songs really Marketer, softly playing the piano but also be able to take into account the mellow tone and rhythm accurately draw the line, listening to people drunk.
Eddie Higgins’s piano playing, such as the pure white moonlight, lightly touch the slumbering ear, wake-up long-silent loneliness of the soul ……
01. When You Wish Upon A Star 3:54
02. My Funny Valentine 5:39
03. Detour Ahead 5:50
04. Beautiful Love 3:26
05. Dance Only With Me 4:00
06. Danny Boy 5:07
07. All This And Heaven Too 4:27
08. Yellow Days 4:38
09. Skylark 4:01
10. Again 4:12
11. You Don’t Know What Love Is 5:28
12. Over The Rainbow 4:16

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