Yusef LATEEF – Part of the Search 1974

Yusef LATEEF – Part of the Search  1974
Principally recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios,
New York between September & December 1973
1994 Issue. R2 71553


Yusef Lateef’s Part Of The Search …… contains eleven tunes that represent different backgrounds, along with seven brief interlude tracks that range in length from 1 to 23 seconds. The intermissions break the album’s mood sufficiently for Lateef to bring in radical changes. After all, isn’t that usually what happens when you start playing with the radio dial? From a genuine Count Basie big band “Kansas City Shuffle” to a ‘50s doo-wop vocal “In the Still of the Night,” Lateef’s selection covers it all. Nearly thirty years old, this album couldn’t include all the types of music we have today, but it does stretch considerably to fit the leader’s fertile imagination. Lateef’s tenor saxophone lead is smooth and always a pleasure……
Jim Santella. AAJ.
One of Lateef’s more ambitious albums for Atlantic — kind of a “history of jazz” in styles and expressions, performed with a large set of players that runs the gamut of talents available at the time. The set includes lots of tunes in rawer modes than you’d expect for Yusef — including Kansas City jazz, R&B, and even doo wop! Titles include “Soul’s Bakery”, “Oatsy Doatsey”, “Big Bass Drum”, “In The Still Of The Night”, “Superfine”, “Strange Lullaby”, and “Rockhouse”.
From Dusty Groove.
Yusef Lateef’s Atlantic albums tended to be erratic affairs with plenty of chances taken and the overall results being a mixed success. This set (reissued on CD) is one of his better efforts from the era. Lateef, doubling on tenor and alto this time, is backed not only by his trio but a big band, string quartet, three background vocalists and a variety of electric keyboardists and guitarists. There are enough good tracks (particularly “Lunceford Prance,” “Rockhouse” and “I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You”) to make this a release worth checking out.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Yusef Lateef- (Alto & Tenor saxophones)
Jerry Dodgion, Frank Wess- (Alto saxophone)
Rocky Morales- (Tenor Sax)
Charles Fowlkes- (Baritone Sax)
Charles McBurney, Jimmy Owens, Charles Sullivan, Richard Williams, Joe Newman- (Trumpet)
Wayne Andre, Garnett Brown, Warren Covington- (Trombone)
Willie Bridges- (Flute)
Kenny Barron- (Piano)
Myles Chase, J.R. Chatwell, Augie Meyers- (Keyboards)
Doug Sahm, Paul Naumann, Alexander Gafa- (Guitar)
Donald Gladstone, Robert Cunningham- (Bass)
Albert Heath, George Rains- (Drums)
Marty Kupersmith, Kenny Vance, Sandy Yaguda- (Background Vocals).
01. K.C. Shuffle
02. Oatsy Doatsy
03. Soul’s Bakery
04. Lunceford Prance
05. Rockhouse
06. Oatsy Doatsy
07. In the Still of the Night
08. Superfine
09. Strange Lullaby
10. Big Bass Drum
11. Gettin’ Sentimental

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