Chris Thomas KING – Live On Beale Street 2008

Chris Thomas KING – Live On Beale Street 2008


Beginning “I’ll Paly the Blues for You” made just sink into the mat blow.CD Perhaps then I think the CD was recorded in rare live recordings, especially without knowing of, are engaged in full performance without stint outside the calculation because reality is reversed.Chris fans, as well as those who love the dark blues is one of the natural heat definitely buy! My own stage of blues songs you want to taste the acclaimed hip-hop in particular. This 1997 record It’s a feeling that my appearance is probably most like Chris himself.
Chris Thomas King’s new collection features songs recorded at B. B. King’s Blues Club in Memphis on November 22, 1997, and it is a rare treat for his fans. The recordings, which were on the third floor of his New Orleans’ studio, survived the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and include seven tracks.
The songs feature Mr. King on lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars and harmonica, Anthony Hardesty on bass, David Tarantolo on organ, and Graylon Neal on drums. All are Mr. King’s own compositions except for the Jerry Beach number, “I’ll play the Blues for You.”
This is a well-rounded collection with selections like “C’est La Vie” and “I’ll play the Blues for You” representing his more traditional work and songs like “Blues From Da Hood” and “KKKrossroads” reflecting the style of blues, rap and hip-hop he created. He turns up the heat in his steamy renditions of “L. A. Angel” and “My Pain, Your Pleasure,” the type of numbers he does with class. Mr. King’s versatility and dynamic presentations make all these styles successful.
His guitar work on this quality recording is outstanding, particularly on songs like “I’ll Play the Blues for You,” “KKKrossroads,” and “C’est La Vie” where it has an almost haunting quality. But the most exciting aspect of the collection is the opportunity it gives listeners to go back in time and hear one of this artist’s early live performances.
This collection is a part of Mr. King’s roots and an important part of blues history. Live on Beale Street is a treasure.
By Shannon Riley.
Chris Thomas King- Lead Vocals, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica,
Anthony Hardesty- Bass,
David Tarantolo- Organ,
Graylon Neal- Drums.
01. Blues Stock – Introduction 0:41
02. I’ll Play The Blues For You 5:07
03. Blues From Da Hood [Explicit] 5:04
04. My Pain, Your Pleasure 5:40
05. C’est La Vie 6:55
06. L.A. Angel 4:27
07. KkKrossroads 6:10

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