Buddy GUY – Living Proof 2010

Buddy GUY – Living Proof 2010


Drive to Natchez, MS, from Baton Rouge on the most popular route and you’ll miss Lettsworth, LA.  Cross the Mississippi River in Natchez and before you know it, you’ll be in Ferriday, LA; home of Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart, and Howard K. Smith.  Lettsworth is about sixty miles south of Ferriday and a plantation near there is where Buddy Guy was raised.

Probably not many people from Lettsworth have won Grammys — Buddy Guy owns five of them.  He has also won the Blues Music Award twenty-eight times along with many other awards.  He came in at number thirty on Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and great stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn have credited him with having influenced them.  Not bad for a Louisiana man.  Well, I suspect Chicago has a rightful claim to him, too, but were it not for those many practice sessions on the levee in Louisiana, well, he may have never made it up the river to the Windy City.

Drummer/producer, Tom Hambridge, co-wrote the tracks on Living Proof along with Buddy Guy based on notes he took during their conversations, so the lyrics take on a biographical tone.  In fact, they do tell the Buddy Guy story as he reflects on his life, career, and his place in history.

Listeners who are familiar with Hendrix and Clapton, but not as much so with Guy will feel like they’ve been listening to Buddy Guy for years.  Even a casual listener can see the influence he’s had with Hendrix and Clapton.  It begins right off the bat, a minute and a half into track one.  Shut your eyes and you can see Hendrix setting a Stratocaster on fire!

“Thank Me Someday” is a message to his family, “Living Proof” is a testament to his perseverance, and “Everybody’s Got to Go” is a soulful reminder of our eventual crossing of the River Jordan.  “Stay Around  a Little Longer” features guest, B.B.King, Guy’s strongest influence and long-time friend, the man Guy says, “Created this style of guitar we all play.”  Another big name guest appears in track seven, as Carlos Santana joins in for “Where the Blues Began.”

We recently reviewed the work of another Louisiana blues legend, Piano Red, and commented on the fun often found in blues lyrics and Guy doesn’t disappoint with “Too Soon”, an eloquent telling-off of a long gone love.  Lyrics like, “If youse the last woman on the earth, and I could have all the honey up, under yo skirt, If I was horny as a billy goat,  I’d still say, ‘Woman get yo ass out the door!’”  It’s hard not to smile or laugh out loud with lines like that!

“Skanky” is the closer and a hot blues/rock number that serves as a nice tribute to B.B.King. It is also a great example of what Buddy Guy does that influenced others.  This track alone makes this a great CD for your collection.

Buddy Guy is “100 proof” and Living Proof is a must-have for blues, rock, and guitar fans.
By FCEtier.
In his new song “Thank Me Someday,” Buddy Guy looks back to his teenage years, when he was growing up in rural Louisiana and teaching himself to play guitar. His sister, like sisters everywhere, yelled at him to keep the racket down.

“They had to run me out of the house, and I can understand it,” said Guy, 74, on Thursday, in a phone interview from his longtime hometown of Chicago. “But when I finally learned how to play, they didn’t run me out of the house. They said, ‘Come on in here, now, because it’s good enough to listen to.’?”

Despite his humble beginnings, Guy — who has shows coming up in Red Bank, Trenton and Morristown — is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest blues guitarists ever.

A flamboyant showman whose musical inventiveness and raw power have inspired comparisons to Jimi Hendrix, he was influencing a new wave of blues-rock musicians while Hendrix himself was still toiling in near anonymity. Eric Clapton, who first saw Guy perform in 1965, said, upon inducting Guy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 40 years later: “He was for me what Elvis was probably like for other people. My course was set, and he was my pilot.”
By Jay Lustig.
Nashville singer-songwriter-producer-musician Tom Hambridge produced blues legend Buddy Guy’s Living Proof album, due out October 26 on Silvertone/Jive Records.

That’s not huge news, as the two have worked together quite successfully in the past: Hambridge also produced Guy’s Skin Deep, which won a 2009 Blues Music Award for album of the year. But Living Proof also features the first-ever in-studio duet between Guy and the great B.B. King, and the song those two chose was the Hambridge-penned “Stay Around A Little Longer.”

Hambridge also has songwriting credits on recent works from Gretchen Wilson, Jack Ingram, Meat Loaf, Danny Gokey and others.
By Peter COOper.
01. 74 Years Young
02. Thank Me Somebody
03. On The Road
04. Stay Around A Little Longer (Feat. B.B.King)
05. Key Don´t  Fit
06. Living Proof
07. Where The Blues Begins (Feat. Carlos Santana)
08. Too Soon
09. Everbody Got To Go
10. Let The Door Knob Hit Ya
11. Gues What
12. Skanky

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