Ahmad JAMAL – Live In Baalbeck 2003 (AVI)

Ahmad JAMAL – Live In Baalbeck 2003 (AVI)


Backed by James Cammack on bass and Idris Muhammad on drums, jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal performs a live set of twelve numbers in this concert film from Birdology Records. Ahmad Jamal: Live in Baalbeck includes reditions of “Young and Foolish,” “I’ll Always Be With You,” “Island Fever,” and more.
By Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide.
This DVD was beautifully filmed at the ruins of Baalbeck, Lebanon during the 2003 Baalbeck festival. 12 brilliant live performances, including Jamal’s 1958 hit single “Poinciana” and his 2003 radio hit “In Search Of” are included. A journey through Baalbeck and interviews with the artists are also featured. career stretching back to the early 1950s, Ahmad Jamal proved to be a huge influence on artists such as Miles Davis and Gil Evans. Having won numerous awards, and provided soundtrack material for films such as THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, and MASH, Jamal is rightly lauded throughout the business. This releases sees him performing at the Baalbeck festival in 2003, in which he attempts to cover all areas of his lengthy, and diverse, career. His mastery of the piano is a wonder to behold, and an object lesson for all aspiring players to follow. Over the space of 12 songs, Jamal manages to work an incredible array of ideas into his music, providing an inspirational set which belies his age and lengthy tenure in the business.
After the exit of its last album studio in 2003 (In Search Of), this superstar occurred in the most prestigious international rooms in company of James Cammack (double bass) and Idris Muhammad (battery). This DVD offers the entirety in the concert given to the Festival of Baalbeck (Lebanon) during the summer 2003
Young and foolish
Where are you
The devil’s in my den
I’ll always be with you
Island fever
You can see
Topsy turvy
The aftermath
Spring is here
In search of

On the way to Baalbeck
Ahmad Jamal interview
James Cammack interview

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