Warren VACHE – Dream Dancing 2003

Warren VACHE – Dream Dancing 2003


Warren Vaché works magic on the cornet, an instrument that has somewhat unjustly fallen out of favor compared to the trumpet or flügelhorn. Vaché, who is joined by the brilliant pianist Bill Charlap along with the solid rhythm of bassist Dennis Irwin and drummer Eddie Locke, kicks off the CD with a terrific talkative muted solo in “Close Your Eyes.” He’s on open horn, backed by Charlap’s lush chords, in a lyrical take of “Too Late Now.” The easygoing rendition of Charlie Parker’s “Quasimodo” (based on the chord changes to the standard “Embraceable You”) is the sole number included from the bop era, but it will no doubt please fans of the genre. It’s back to muted horn for the brisk run through “Blue Lou,” a gem from the swing era. Vaché’s lush opening verse sets up the elegant arrangement of “Some Other Time,” which also features Charlap at his very best. Tenor saxophonist Harry Allen is added on four tracks, including a dreamy but gently swinging “What’s New” and the explosive “Lover, Come Back to Me.” Vaché concludes the session by warmly singing the ballad “Not Exactly Paris,” adding a chorus on muted horn. Warmly recommended.
By Ken Dryden. AMG.
Warren Vaché- Cornet, Vocals
Harry Allen- Sax (Tenor)
Bill Charlap- Piano
Dennis Irwin- Bass
Eddie Locke- Drums
01. Close Your Eyes-  Petkere  5:19
02. Too Late Now-  Lane, Lerner  4:05
03. Quasimodo-  Parker  4:52
04. Lover, Come Back to Me-  Hammerstein, Romberg  6:28
05. Dream Dancing-  Porter  9:50
06. Blue Lou-  Mills, Sampson  3:04
07. Some Other Time-  Bernstein, Comden, Green  5:56
08. You’re a Lucky Guy-  Chaplin, Kahn  4:39
09. You’re All the World to Me-  Lane, Lerner  4:36
10. What’s New?-  Burke, Haggart  4:00
11. I’m Shooting High-  Koehler, McHugh  4:05
12. Not Exactly Paris-  George, Leonard  5:00

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