Nuno MINDELIS – Twelve Hours 2003

Nuno MINDELIS – Twelve Hours 2003


“Twelve Hours” is the long-awaited fourth CD from one of the world’s premier Blues guitarists, Nuno Mindelis. Nuno’s Blues credentials are impressive: named “Best Blues Guitarist” by Guitar Player Magazine, two CD’s with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s …    Full Descriptionband, Double Trouble, and rave reviews for his live performances, from Austin Texas to the 2004 Montreal International Jazz Festival.
Nuno’s own life journey embodies the Blues. He was born in Angola, and started making guitars as a young child. His family was forced to flee the war in Angola, and for safety Nuno was sent to live apart from his family in Canada for several years. Continuing to refine his unique fingerstyle electric Blues technique, Nuno was finally reunited with his family in Brazil. Now renowned as one of the world’s top Blues artists, Nuno has shared the stage with B.B. King, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray, Otis Clay, and Junior Wells, among others. Nuno continues to play to enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim worldwide.
The Beast is Back, man if you don’t know who Nuno Mindelis is by now then you better get your head out of your ass because the new king of Blues/Rock has arrived and he’s not from Austin, Texas but from Brazil and if you don’t believe me then just listen to this CD. This is the 4th CD from this internationally acclaimed blues guitarist who’s credentials are very impressive: named “Best Blues Guitarist” by Guitar Player Magazine, two CD’s with SRV’s band, Double Trouble and rave reviews for his live performances, from Austin Texas to the Montreal Jazz Festival, this is one very intense guitarist!
This is the CD that I have been waiting for ever since we lost SRV back in ’90, without a doubt Nuno’s best stuff to date. Smoldering, blistering, and just flat out full tilt killer blues! Nuno is a master at his craft I can’t think of anyone in the game today that let’s the blues flow out of him so naturally. This CD is a prime example of why they call him “The Beast”! You can’t go wrong with this one, a must have CD for 2003 defiantly a Top10!!!
By The Bandit.
Nuno Mindelis- Vocals, Guitar
Andrei Ivanovich- Bass
Richard Montano- Drums
Thiago James Cerveira- Harp
Flavio Naves- Hammond Organ & Rhodes Piano
01. You Better Believe It (4:10)
02. Stormy Minded Man (4:20)
03. Shake It (5:20)
04. I Got You Baby (4.33)
05. Dizzy Slow Blues (6:05)
06. Rats & Leeches (4:30)
07. Crawling Back (5:05)
08. Dana’s Song (6:18)
09. I Can’t Quit Singing the Blues (5:58)
10. Twelve Hours (5:38)
11. Chica & Sarah Loops (1:22)

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