Oli BROWN – Open Road 2008

Oli BROWN – Open Road 2008


Oli Brown’s Open Road is the debut album from a young, fast rising star of the British blues scene. Still only 18, Oli Brown has already been on the road for nearly two years with his own band, during which time they have gigged persistently all over the UK and twice toured in America. Along the way they have supported numerous blues stars such as Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Taj Mahal, Walter Trout and John Mayall & His Bluesbreakers.
“Young Oli oozes the blues from every part of his being–in fact, his enthusiasm is addictive. He’s got a great vocal range and his intonation is superb. His guitar work has all the class of someone four times his age. The blues isn’t dead, it’s in new hands.”
By Carol Borrington.
The great British blues players, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Peter Green among others, conquered the world in the early sixties, -appearing to leave unequivocal magic in their wake. There have been times since, when it was hard to see anything like a credible follow-up to these legends. If you ever worried for the future of the blues, then fret no longer. Oli Brown is the real deal, ready to carry the torch of British Blues in the 21st century, taking inspiration from today’s contemporary bluesmen like Aynsley Lister. Already paying his dues, Oli has shared a stage with giants Koko Taylor, Walter Trout, John Mayall and Buddy Guy.

Open Road will take you on a journey through Blues City, where the musical architecture is splendidly diverse – sublime use of light and shade is Oli’s speciality, a gift so rare, it is easy to see that the new generation of the blues is in safe hands.
Taking a trip down this open road will enable you to feel more than just the wind in your hair – you’ll feel the destiny of the blues for a modern age.
Oli Brown is a British singer, songwriter and musician born on 21st March, 1989.
He toured America as a guest of the American Blues band Blinddog Smokin for the summers of 2005-2008[1] and has signed to the German Blues label, Ruf Records, since January 2008.[2] His debut album, ‘Open Road’ was released July 2008 to largely positive reviews.[3] He has also been featured in Classic Rock as their Track of the Day. He was also reviewed in Issue 48 of Blues Matters magazine. In January 2009, UK guitar company Vanquish released an Oli Brown guitar. In February 2008, the Oli Brown band were the only UK band to play at the Memphis Blues Convention. Whilst in Memphis, they were invited to record at Ardent Studios and performed a live session in front of an invited audience.
2009 had Oli performing in Europe and carrying out a UK headline tour in association with HMV, many of these gigs were sold out.
2010 sees confirmed Oli Brown gigs in Europe, the UK, New Zealand and America, plus the release of the follow up album to Open Road which is being produced by the blues veteran Mike Vernon (Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall etc.)
68 , 69 70th inhale exhale . Hyperventilation , it does not and is bad for the circulation.
The blues has a new disciple and had his own band. Typically, you earn his spurs as a musician once in one or the other group. Not Oli Brown! He’s probably convinced on the spot and founded his own right thing.
They rehearsed and in March 2007, the trio with Fred Hollis on bass and drummer Simon Dring his first gig.
Hey , that’s just over a year ago and is already the first CD for review prepared for Thomas Ruf, His label Ruf Records label boss , the young pup has taken under his wing contract .
Not a sound I had before ” Open Road ” is one of the group, let alone read. You can twist it and turn it as you want and even if such slogans as ‘ now – stay -times- on -the- carpet ‘ There may also be true that. However, this carpeting damn big after this album. The young man has class !
Just as quickly the plate in the Leipziger FWL Studios was recorded . Defeat six days passed in late February or early March 2008 and ” Open Road “was in the box.
Next it goes: When one has ever heard a CD in which , alongside the protagonists of course , the guests will have more leeway than his own band. Mike Griot plucking the bass with , among other things Dani Wilde. Keyboards are also : That is Govert van der Kolm jurisdiction. The turn is with Deborah Coleman to be associated .
To bring the facts to a conclusion, it should be mentioned that according to this same booklet Dutch Govert van der Kolm hear in ‘ Can not Get Next To You ” and ” Missing You ” is . But the Luther AllisonSong ” All The Kings Horses ” , interpreted the way, excellent, keyboard is also supported.
Let ‘s suppose that this is also about van der Kolm acts . If , however, not in the booklet.
While we’re already in the cover songs , served Oli Brown us a well -known two-minute gun sentiment from the pen of Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbetter… “Black Betty ” . Oli Brown can look in the mirror and convince . Makes it easy humor and that is enormously important.
Compared with this easy-to- tasting piece one should take time for the entire album and listen to it intensely.
Oli Brown has to tell as much by his tool and provides Considerable ! He bluest and rocks can be quite strong, and this final heaviness on the sidelines , even if song names like ” Psycho ” or ” Played By The Devil “can such a suspect . On the contrary , the latter number is a wonderfully swinging blues -R & B shuffle with a delicious calmer middle section includes captivating solo.
be at all necessary to establish that Brown four great songs on paper and hearing brings . He is also , not only in terms of songwriting, a team player , because for four more pieces of the credits belong to the trio .
In ” Complicated “, it is only by the GriotBass accompanied. A very strong , intense ballad !
Brown shines through a cornucopia of phrasing and thus shows that he is now a serious think tank already. Whether up-tempo pieces or slow blues numbers . … Everything falls on fertile ground and it is a real popular figure in terms of 12 -strokes.
Listening: What he is us “New Groove ” served simply class! First, I wanted to do in this review , no comparisons . But this very track led me , for I am to the time when a certain Aynsley Lister came with his first album on the plan. Oh , that’s already nine years ago.
By Joachim ‘Joe’ Brookes.
Oli Brown- (Guitar, Vocals)
Fred Hollis- (Bass – #4, 5, 9, 10)
Simon Dring- (Drums – #4, 5, 9, 10)
Mike Griot- (Bass – #1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11)
Billy McLelan- (Drums – #1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11)
Govert van der Kolm- (Hammond B3 – #4, 8)
01. Psycho 3:38
02. Open Road 3:47
03. Stone Cold (Roxanne) 4:28
04. Can’t Get Next To You 5:06
05. Shade Of Grey 4:28
06. All The Kings Horses 4:04
07. Black Betty 2:12
08. Missing You 4:26
09. New Groove 4:23
10. Played By The Devil 3:20
11. Complicated 3:56

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