Mississippi John HURT & Skip JAMES – Live on Folkside 1964

Mississippi John HURT & Skip JAMES – Live on Folkside 1964
Folkside with Phil Spiro
Cambridge MA
October, 1964
With Al Wilson
Thx To the person who sent this to me.


This one’s been proving a hidden gem for me, Mississippi John Hurt and Skip James as guests on Phil Spiro’s Folkside program in October, 1964. Between talking with Spiro, both play a trio of tunes apiece, with Hurt backed by Canned Heat founding member Al Wilson on harp for two of them. The show concludes with a radio spot promoting the upcoming 1964 election between Johnson and Goldwater.
01. John Hurt intro 1:19
02. Louis Collins 5:04
03. Talking with Hurt (p.1) 0:53
04. Cow Hooking Blues 3:23
05. Talking with Hurt (p.2) 0:39
06. Trouble All My Days 3:51
07. Skip James intro 1:01
08. Cherry Ball Blues 4:45
09. Talking with James (p. 1) 5:22
10. Illinois Blues 3:47
11. Talking with James (P. 2) 0:40
12. I’m So Glad 2:27
13. Talking with James (p.3) 1:11
14. Public Services announcement. 1964 election 0:49

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