Tommy FLANAGAN – Something Borrowed,Something Blue 1978

Tommy FLANAGAN – Something Borrowed,Something Blue 1978
1990 Issue.


This is a very enjoyable trio session from 1978. Flanagan displays his mastry as always, and the tune selections includes compositions by Monk, Horace Silver, and Wes Montgomery. One interesting inclusion is the use of electric piano, which I hadn’t heard him do before.
By Mr. Frankles.
This is a typically flawless trio set from the tasteful and swinging bop-based pianist Tommy Flanagan. With the assistance of bassist Keter Betts and drummer Jimmie Smith on this CD reissue, Flanagan plays his original title cut and jazz originals by Thad Jones (Bird Song), Tadd Dameron, Horace Silver, Thelonious Monk (Friday the 13th), Wes Montgomery and Dizzy Gillespie. If Flanagan had not recorded so many equally rewarding sets during the past 20 years, this fine CD would have received a higher rating; virtually every one of his recordings is well worth picking up.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Tommy Flanagan- (Piano)
Keter Betts- (Bass)
Jimmie Smith- (Drums).
01. Bird Song 4:47
02. Good Bait 4:06
03. Peace 6:13
04. Friday the 13th 3:51
05. Something Borrowed, Something Blue 6:36
06. West Coast Blues 6:43
07. Groovin’ High 6:16

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