Bud POWELL – Bud in Paris 1959-1960

Bud POWELL – Bud in Paris  1959-1960
Xanadu 102
1975 Issue.


Strong work that has Powell recording with some horn players, something that he almost never did at this point in his career. Two tracks feature Powell and Johnny Griffin playing without any rhythm accompaniment – on the tunes “Idaho” and “Perdido”, taken at a nice informal pace. Four more tracks reature Powell in the company of a quartet with the great Barney Wilen on tenor – and those tunes include “Shaw Nuff”, “John’s Abbey”, and “Oleo”. The remainder of the record features trio tracks, recorded with Pierre Michelot and Kenny Clarke.
From Dusty Groove.
It is rare to find Bud Powell recordings in other than a trio or solo format so I treasure those few examples that are in my collection. This album opens with two extended duo performances with Johhny Griffin, followed by four with Barney Wilen in a quartet format. The final seven tracks are with his working power trio of the time with Kenny Clarke and Pierre Michelot. Essential stuff for a Powell collector.
Bud Powell- (Piano)
Johnny Griffin- (Tenor Sax)
Barney Wilen- (Tenor Sax)
Pierre Michelot- (Bass)
Kenny Clarke- (Drums)
A1. Idaho
A2. Perdido
A3. Shaw Nuff
A4. Oleo
A5. Autumn In New York
A6. John’s Abbey
B1. John’s Abbey
B2. Buttercup
B3. Sweet And Lovely
B4. Crossing The Channel
B5. Confirmation
B6. Get Happy
B7. Johny’s Abbey

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