Irma THOMAS – Hip Shakin' Mama 1981

Irma THOMAS – Hip Shakin’ Mama 1981
CRM 2019
Thx To *terry the mr.fatass*


Sitting home alone
thinking about my past
wondering how I made it
and how long it’s gonna last

Success has come to lots of them
and a failure is always there
time waits for no one
and I wish, how I wish someone would care…
A1. You Can Have My Husband
Written-By – D. Labostrie
A2. Cry On
Written-By – N. Neville
A3. I Won’t Cry
Written-By – D. Labostrie , J. Ruffino
A4. Ruler Of My Heart
Written-By – A. Toussaint
A5. I Done Got Over
Written-By – A. Toussaint
A6. It’s Raining
Written-By – A. Toussaint
B1. Shame, Shame, Shame
Written-By – S. Robinson
B2. Hip Shakin’ Mama
Written-By – I. Thomas
B3. Lady Marmalade
Written-By – B. Crewe , K. Nolan
B4. Wish Someone Would Care
Written-By – I. Thomas

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5 Responses to “Irma THOMAS – Hip Shakin' Mama 1981”

  1. Davide Davidos Says:

    Hi, themonk,

    There seems to be something wrong with this one. I know that Megaupload can get weird anyway, but I’ve tried this link several times over the last 24 hours or so and what happens is that it counts down, displays the download link and then when that link is clicked, it begins the countdown again, never going any further. Odd, even for Megaupload …

    -Davide Davidos

  2. link is ok,
    it has been downloaded over 30 times.
    and i am downloading again.
    if u cant work it out, lemme know so i also upload on file factory.

  3. Davide Davidos Says:

    Hi, themonk,

    Looks as though the problem was only with Firefox. I tried again with Internet Explorer and it worked just fine. Thanks for checking …


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