Les McCANN – From The Top Of The Barrel 1967

Les McCANN – From The Top Of The Barrel 1967
PJ 10120


What I can NOT believe is; this album is almost non exsiting in any place including his official website.
I wonder what kindda hopless people running these places.
Not even a word written about this album.
Most probably Les will be turning in his grave, if he knows whats happening.
So, I recommend you people read the Del Shields review on back cover.
If any one can find something better, please let me know so i can add.
By themonk.
As if a lifetime of musical success is not enough, Les’ creations go beyond the keys. His personal relationships with jazz legends such as Miles Davis, Art Blakey, and Duke Ellington as well as many other great historical characters, have been documented in a collection of more than 8000 photographs that Les has taken over the years. As a serious photographer, Les has built a darkroom in his home, and has sold a significant number of pieces. A large exhibition of his work will be exhibited at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, reproduced by Graham Nash (Nash Editions). In addition, Les is an exhibited painter, primarily a watercolorist with a particular interest in flowers. His work is hanging in two galleries, in Scottsdale, AZ, and Santa Barbara, CA, as well as in his home, where he entertains private showings. After the stroke, Les has become remarkably prolific, discovering that painting and maneuvering the camera are both therapeutic and strengthening. Les’ expression as a visual artist communicates similar vibes of freshness, experimentation, and peace as does his music.
What again was the type with which you played? Les McCann Yes exactly what happened to him? Is not died recently?” “Yep, he’s dead!” So funny, only a self-deprecating personality react to the news of her death.
Humor and best for life draw heavyweight musicians from the Les McCann and are also the message of the radio , on whose behalf he is away. In Les career, it is more important than ever to spark and the first three letters are not in vain FUN. That’s what Fun is!.
Les McCann- (Piano),
Leroy Vinegar, Herbie Lewis- (Bass),
Ron Jefferson- (Drums).
A1. Frankie and Johnnie  6:10
A2. Medley  7:47
a.  But Beautiful
b.  It Could Happen to You
A3. Taking a Chance on Love  4:23
B1. Love Letters  4:06
B2. Three Slaves  7:00
B3. On Green Dolphin Street  4:55
B4. Set Call  1:45

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