The Aynsley DUNBAR Retaliation – Doctor Dunbar's Prescription 1969

The Aynsley DUNBAR Retaliation – Doctor Dunbar’s Prescription 1969


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This album is incredible. Traditional blues rock n’ roll, with the incredible back-beat of it’s leader the famed Aynsley Dunbar, who when on to work with David Bowie, Whitesnake, Lou Reed, Journey, UFO, and hundreds of others. He has the magic touch when it comes to putting music out, and this early recording in his career clearly shows why he went on to become the giant in the business he is today. Victor Brox on Vocals, Alex Dmochowski on bass, and John Moorshead on guitar are some of the best players of their time.
If you like traditional rock n’ roll blues, you will not be disappointed with this album.
By  Alan R. Arnold.
Don’t ask me why so many artist today hit the music scene virtually unheard of … and then disappear almost as quickly.  My guess, regarding their ability to stay around, is that they have not had, or taken the time to learn and hone their craft, as artists did in the 60’s, hence the longevity of the earlier artists.

Aynsley Dunbar is one of those who did pay his dues, learned at the feet of the greats, and performed with nearly everyone of any stature, and because of his talent and ability Aynsley was able to slip in and out of most any musical genre because of those well learned skills.  Aynsley Dunbar began his musical career playing with Jack Dupree and then Eddie Boyd [but you will have to wait for my reviews of these greats].  He then moved on as the drummer with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers [and we all know how they turned the world on its axis], laid down some amazing work with Jeff Beck and hit the big time working for Frank Zappa as a guitarist, not as the drummer [where his best efforts are featured], and he can be heard on no less then four of Franks albums.  After Zappa, he joined company with Flow and Eddie, both of whom had been with Zappa, then with David Bowie for two releases, became the drummer for Journey [probably his low point for me] and then on to Jefferson Starship, and finally Whitesanke [probably an even lower point then Journey as far as I’m concerned].

The point is, he was always working, always exploring new sounds, new adventures, new genres … and behind all of this was his personal take on the Blues, with his own band, The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation … which is nothing short of over the top, stellar, and some of the best progressive blues you are ever going to hear in your entire life.

Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation is deep into the night music, these tracks are serious blues from a man who assembled a group as rich and musically diverse as he was.  This is no nonsense music, it is not from the heart, this is blues from the soul.  Blues like this was made to move you, but Aynsley succeeds in barely giving you enough space between the notes to breath.  The music is played low an deep, with a strength that does not require high volumes of power to blast you into compliance … they simply pick up their instruments and strike chords that completely engulf your every sense.

This is some of the best of the best … a perfect prescription for any late night when you just want to be totally awed … when you drop the needle on these grooves, they will own you for all time.
By (streetmouse)
Aynsley Dunbar- (Drums);
Victor Brox- (Organ, Guitar, Cornet, Horn, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar (12 String) ;
Jon Morshead- (Vocals, Guitar);
Alex Dmochowski- (Bass Guitar).
A1. Change Your Low Down Ways   2:23
A2. The Fugitive   4:36
A3.. Till Your Lovin’ Makes Me Blue   4:52
A4. Now That You’ve Lost Me   3:30
A5. I Tried   2:48

B1. Call My Woman   3:10
B2. The Devil Drives   2:42
B3. Low Gear Man   2:55
B4. Tuesday’s Blues   3:35
B5. Mean Old World   3:05

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