Juicy LUCY – Do That and You'll Lose It 2006

Juicy LUCY – Do That and You’ll Lose It 2006


Saucy blues-rockers Juicy Lucy formed in 1969 from the ashes of cult-favorite garage band the Misunderstood, reuniting vocalist Ray Owen, steel guitarist Glenn “Ross” Campbell and keyboardist Chris Mercer; with the additions of guitarist Neil Hubbard, bassist Keith Ellis and drummer Pete Dobson, the group immediately notched a UK Top 20 hit with their reading of the Bo Diddley perennial “Who Do You Love,” with their self-titled debut LP falling just shy of the Top 40. Ex-Zoot Money singer Paul Williams, guitarist Mick Moody and drummer Rod Coombes replaced Owen (who exited for a solo career), Hubbard and Dobson for 1970’s Lie Back and Enjoy It, with bassist Jim Leverton assuming Ellis’ duties for the follow-up, 1971’s Get a Whiff a This. The constant turnover clearly took its toll on the group both creatively and commercially, with co-founders Campbell and Mercer both exiting prior to the fourth Juicy Lucy album, 1972’s Pieces, which was recorded by a makeshift lineup of Williams, Moody, keyboardist Jean Roussel and the former Blodwyn Pig rhythm section of bassist Andy Pyle and drummer Ron Berg. Juicy Lucy finally disbanded shortly thereafter. Ray Owen revived the name in 1995 for the album Here She Comes Again which found Mike Jarvis (guitar), Andy Doughty (bass), and Spencer Blackledge (drums) rounding out the band. A couple of years later this version of the band broke-up but Owen wanted to keep on going, especially when he formed a musical partnership with a guitarist known as Mr. Fish. Legal problems kept the new band from using the Juicy Lucy name so they gigged as Ray Owen’s Moon. By 2004 bassist Fudge and drummer Fletch had joined the band and the legal issue was settled. The new Juicy Lucy spent 2006 working on a new album and touring the U.K. with Nazareth.
By Jason Ankeny. AMG.
Many people will be familiar with Juicy Lucy from their 1970 single “Who Do You Love” which has graced over 180 compilation CDs to date. Some people will remember that Juicy Lucy was a stopping point for Micky Moody on his way to fame and fortune with Whitesnake. What a lot of people don’t know (yet) is that Juicy Lucy in 2006 is one of the most powerful, interesting “classic” rock bands performing and recording in the world today. With a combined experience of recording and playing live that is frightening, but with an attitude which is fresh and energetic, the music of Juicy Lucy appeals to a surprisingly wide audience without being simplistic or patronising. Male, female, aged sixteen to sixty, it doesn’t seem to matter what people are “in” to, Juicy Lucy’s music seems to havea universal appeal.
Mr.Fish- Guitar
Ray Owen- Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Mr. James- Bass
Paul Stuart Fletcher- Drums
01. Silver Bird 5:02
02. Making a Name 3:48
03. Forty Days 8:05
04. Species 6:40
05. Where Were You? 6:33
06. Madeline & Suzy 4:50
07. Only When You Know 5:50
08. Freedom 5:09
09. Facts of Life 3:13
10. One Time, One Place 5:55
11. God Only Knows 4:46
12. Floss 10:34

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