Nappy BROWN – I'm a Wild Man 1994

Nappy BROWN – I’m a Wild Man  1994


He was born Napoleon Brown Culp in North Carolina in 1929, but by 1955 he was New York City’s Nappy Brown and had the number-two R&B record in the whole country, “Don’t Be Angry.” Brown also recorded the original version of Ray Charles’s “(The Night Time Is) The Right Time”; he claims he’s the uncredited composer as well. After the R&B hits dried up, he went back to gospel music only to reemerge on the blues-revival circuit in 1984. “I’m a Wild Man,” released in 1997, was recorded in 1994. His voice is in good shape on the tongue-in-cheek swagger of uptempo blues such as the title track and the seductive purr of soul ballads such as “Sittin’ in the Dark.” The arrangements are generic blues-revival formulas, but Brown’s big voice comes booming through in any case.
By Geoffrey Himes.
Nappy Brown- Vocals
Scott Adair- Sax (Baritone)
Skeeter Brandon- Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Ed Butler- Drums, Noise, Laughs
Michael Belanger- Noise, Laughs
Chip Crawford- Horn Arrangements
Max Drake- Guitar
Shelly Flynt- Vocals (Bckgr)
Randy Friel- Piano, Organ (Hammond), Vocals (Bckgr), Clavinet,
Calvin “Loudmouth” Johnson- Bass, Noise, Laughs
Allison King- Vocals (Bckgr)
Armand Lenchek- Guitar
Bob Margolin- Guitar, Vocals
Phil Mazerick- Piano
Dillard Moss- Trombone
Bill Newton- Saxophone
Kirsten O’Rourke- Vocals (Bckgr)
Rusty Smith- Trumpet
Wally West Sax- (Tenor)
Annie Woods- Vocals (Bckgr)
01. Who, What, Where and When
02. Lonely and Blue
03. In the Darkest Hour
04. Shake, Rattle & Roll
05. Sittin’ in the Dark
06. I’m a Wild Man
07. Don’t Hurt No More
08. You Will or You Won’t
09. Give Me Your Love
10. Love Me Like You Used to Do

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