Ramsey LEWIS Trio – Country Meets the Blues 1962

Ramsey LEWIS Trio – Country Meets the Blues 1962
Argo LP 701
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The divide between popular taste and elite critical opinion in jazz is amply illustrated by the career of pianist Ramsey Lewis. Lewis has consistently drawn large audiences and numerous record buyers over more than 45 years of musical activity, but since the appearance of his hit (Country Meets the Blues 1962) than (The In Crowd 1965) album, he has been criticized by many jazz writers for what they have considered excessive commercialism. Yet Lewis, who became well known to Chicago radio audiences in the late 1990s as an on-air jazz show host, set the tone for many of the successful jazz-pop fusions that followed his own 1960s breakthroughs. Ignoring critical orthodoxy, he became an unusually influential musician.
Oliver Nelson- (Reeds Side Arrange) Lew Douglas (Strings Arrenge)
Ramsey Lewis- Piano
Red Holt- Drums
Eldee Young- Bass, Reeds, Strings
Unknown Vocals
A1. Your Cheatin’ Heart
A2. 2St. Louis Blues
A3. Blueberry Hill
A4. Country Meets the Blues
A5. Memphis in June
B1. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
B2. I Need You So
B3. Just Want to Make Love to You
B4. Tangleweed ‘Round My Heart
B5. My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It

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