George "Harmonica" SMITH – Oop in Doop in Blues Harp 2003

George “Harmonica” SMITH – Oop in Doop in Blues Harp 2003


This album should be in any serious blues fans collection. The ensemble work is as good as it gets. Mr. Smith should easily be in the pantheon of all time greats like Wolf, Waters and Walter. His harp playing is incredible and his vocals are a close second. Great tunes great playing, quit reading reviews and just buy this for crying out loud!
George “Harmonica” Smith was a fine singer and harmonica player who, though obviously influenced by Little Walter, was true original who himself was a big influence on a number of harmonica players, particularly on the West Coast. In the 50s, 60s & 70s he recorded a number of prized singles for various small Los Angeles based labels – Lapel, J&M, Sotoplay, Carolyn and Hittin Heavy and this collection gathers most of them together. One of the joys of a collection of material like this is the considerable variety of material featured ranging from intense down home blues like All Last Night,Oop in Doop in Blues Harp and Nobody Knows to great instrumentals like Hot Rolls, Loose Screws and a spine chilling version of Summertime to expendable novelties like Rope That Twist. George’s singing and playing are excellent, sometimes playing chromatic harp, to great effect and is accompanied by top L.A. Session men like J.D. Nicholson, Pete Lewis, Jimmy Nolen, Curtis Tillman and others.
01. Telephone Blues
02. Have Myself a Ball
03. I Found My Baby
04. Oopin’ Doopin’ Doopin’
05. Blues Stay Away
06. Rockin’  Listen
07. Blues in the Dark
08. Down in New Orleans (Hey, Mr. Porter)
09. Love Life
10. Cross Eyed Suzie Lee [Alternate Take]
11. California Blues  Listen
12. Early on Sunday Morning [Take 2]
13. Blues Stay Away [Alternate Take]
14. You Don’t Love Me
15. I Found My Baby [Alternate Take]
16. Down in New Orleans (Hey Mr. Porter) [Alternate Take]
17. Rockin’ [Alternate Take]
18. Early One Monday Morning [Take 1]
19. Oopin’ Doopin’ Doopin’ [Alternate Take]
20. California Blues [Alternate Take]
21. Cross Eyed Suzie Lee

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