Little Willie JOHN – The early King Sessions (1955-1957) 2002

Little Willie JOHN – The early King Sessions (1955-1957) 2002


I thought I must write a review for this CD, how could I not when the quality is this good.
These tracks are more than fifty years old but still sound great.
I purchased this CD after listening to a few tracks on vinyl and was mesmerised by the great vocals.
Little Willie John was definetly talented, of course everyone must know the single ‘Fever’, perhaps one of Little Willie John’s most famous tracks, but believe me listen to his other songs, they are even better, especially ‘All Around The World’, its a great R’n’B jiver, along with many other tracks on here which are great to dance to, or even sit and relax to.
I won’t bore you with the details of how great this CD was, if I had a complaint I would have said so already, honestly, go buy this album, its great!
James Brown is a great fan of Litttle Willie John and he used to be his friend until he died at age 30 in 1968. When Little Willie John became famous James Brown was his opening act.
He is not very well known nowadays but you only have to listen to his voice to realize that he is of the same level as Sam Cooke,Jackie Wilson and Otis Redding.
This CD has a good sound quality and contains his early hits, which are more ‘rough’ than his later work. For me this is pure soul! It is unbelievable that he is just 17 to 19 years old at these recordings.
By L.Gischler.
This collection is actually drawn from Two (2) of Little Willie John’s albums, and includes several Billboard Charted Hits such as: “All Around The World” a #5 Hit!, “Need Your Love So Bad” another #5 Hit, it’s B-Side “Home At Last” which recieved a lot of Air-Play, and The All-Time #1 Classic Hit: “Fever” (His Biggest Hit from this period), It’s B-Side “Letter From My Darling” which recieved a lot of Air-Play. This Compact Disc includes several Album Favorites, as well as several Non-Charted Hits. The sound quality is excellent! For those who still have the ‘Original’ Vinyl 78’s, 45’s and Albums now is a good time to put them out of their misery…As I said earlier Little Willie John was selling Albums, and those who do own the ‘Original’ Vinyl pressings….It’s a pretty good chance they have been played a lot, and your chances of finding Mint copies are VERY SLIM!!! So make yourself happy and go out and buy this Compact Disc (As well as Second Installment) right away!
By Mr. Nightshift.
01. All Around The World
02. Don’t Leave Me Dear
03. Home At Last
04. Need Your Love So Bad
05. I’m Sticking With You
06. Are You Ever Coming Back
07. Fever
08. Letter From My Darling
09. My Nerves
10. Do Something For Me
11. I’ve Been Around
12. Suffering With Blues
13. Little Bit Of Loving
14. Will The Sun Shine Tomorrow
15. You Got To Get Up Early In The Morning
16. Love Life & Money
17. Look What You’ve Done To Me
18. I’ve Got To Go Cry
19. Young Girl
20. If I Thought You Needed Me
21. Uh Uh Baby
22. Dinner Date
23. Person To Person
24. Until I Do

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