Joachim KUHN – Sound Of Feelings 1969

Joachim KUHN – Sound Of Feelings 1969


The name is not as naturally as a pianist, yet the impression someone is quite different.Alternate approaches to take to the summary comprehensible pop jazz rock sound radical and serious common European free jazz era is quite heterogeneous.Each puppet has a variety of instruments In spite of a trio, the sound drifts swirling chaos may even be Odoroodoroshi scene.Among the many albums of Joachim Kuhn left for work this time known only to us, to create his sound daunting images, and you hear no say about what they say and do good troubled past would have tilted his head.But for now, challenging work I think this will have a different impression, so get active in free jazz.
Bass, Flute, Bells- JF Jenny Clark
Drums, Flute, Tambourine, Bells- Aldo Romano
Piano, Alto Sax, Shenai, Flute, Tambourine, Bells- Joachim Kühn
A1. Shadows, Where Ever We Turn  6:40
A2. Scandal  3:50
A3. Wester Meaning  8:21
A4. Gaby Love  4:07
B1. El Dorado  6:06
B2. In The Middle Of The Way  6:37
B3. Wellcome  4:38

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