Roy BROWN & Wynonie HARRIS – Battle Of The Blues (Vol 1&2) 1959

Roy BROWN & Wynonie HARRIS – Battle Of The Blues (Vol 1&2) 1959
1994 Issue


This first volume of King’s Battle of the Blues series features two of the label’s biggest acts: Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris. Having already made their names in the late ’40s as premier blues shouters on the R&B and jump blues circuit, both singers migrated to the Cincinnati independent and reached even loftier chart heights. Brown takes up the first side with seven sides of his animated and gospel-fired vocals, including the classic “Boogie at Midnight.” For his part, Harris indulges his rougher-hewn vocal cords for an update of his big smash, the Brown-penned “Good Rockin’ Tonight,” and one of his all-time King highlights, “Bloodshot Eyes.” For some whiskey-soaked R&B nostalgia, this fine collection is hard to beat.

The second round of King’s Battle of the Blues series features another healthy dose of tracks by Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris. And while more academically minded fans will want to first check out the wealth of earlier classics these two singers cut in the ’40s, this roundup of ’50s material will still provide a fine introduction to both of these giants. Again, Brown kicks things off with a side of his smooth yet powerful uptown blues; showing a deft pen, he sticks to a set of top-notch originals. Harris might not have written much of his own material, but he does show why his was one of the most incendiary and impassioned voices around, especially on the confessional “Drinking Blues.” A perfect accouterment to your next after-hours shindig.
By Stephen Cook. AMG.
(Vol I)
A1. Boogie At Midnight
A2. Big Town
A3. Bar Room Blues
A4. Love Don’t Love Nobody
A5. Miss Fanny Brown
A6. Lolly Pop Mama
A7. I’ve Got The Last Laugh Now
B1. Bloodshot Eyes
B2. Good Rockin’ Tonight
B3. Loving Machine
B4. Shake That Thing
B5. I Feel That Old Age Coming On
B6. All She Wants To Do Is Rock
B7. Good Morning Judge
(Vol II)
A1.  Hard Luck Blues
A2.  Dreaming Blues
A3.  ‘Long About Sundown
A4.  Double Crossin’ Woman
A5.  Sweet Peach
A6.  Wrong Woman Blues
A7.  Brown Angel
B1.  Man, Have I Got Troubles
B2.  I’ll Never Give Up
B3.  Here Comes The Night
B4.  Luscious Woman
B5.  Drinking Blues
B6.  Nearer My God To Thee
B7.  Tremblin’

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