Lalo SCHIFRIN – Piano Español 1959

Lalo SCHIFRIN – Piano Español 1959
2006 Issue.


Early and worthy Schifrin very similar to 50s-era Xavier Cugat, who Schifrin was arranging for at the time. At times Schifrin sounds like a mad mix of Dezi Arnez and Martin Denny. Frenetic and rather too typical Latin arrangements are enhanced by Schifrin’s effervescent piano. It’s nice but not exceptional. The one gem here is the only Schifrin original, “Hulablues” – a clear indication of the direction he’d head in the mid 60s on his Verve orchestral records.
01. Frenesí
02. Breeze and I (Andalucia)
03. Capricho Español
04. My Shawl
05. Caravan
06. Malagueña
07. Cha Cha Cha Flamenco
08. Warsaw Concerto
09. Hulablues
10. Jungle Fantasy
11. All the Things You Are
12. Cumbanchero

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