Bukka WHITE – Memphis Hot Spots 1968

Bukka WHITE – Memphis Hot Spots 1968
1969 Issue. S 7-63229


This album is, in a way,experiment.
For some time now,Bukka has expressed the wishto record with an electric group.
having Bill Barth and his friends on hand in Memphis in july 1968 gave me the wish
to make Bukka´s  wish come true.
whether the results are entirely successful only the listeners can decide.
we all certainly had a ball in the studio..
By Seymur Stein.
Bukka White- Vocal, Guitar
Bill Barth- Second Guitar
Harmonica Boy- Harmonica
Trevor Koehler- Piano
Anchor- Bass
Jim Crosthwait- Wasboard
Joe Gray- Drums
A1. Bed Spring Blues
A2. Aberdeen, Mississippi Blues
A3. Drifting Blues
A4. (Brand New) Decoration Day
A5. Baby Please Don’t Go
A6. Give Me an Old, Old Lady
B1. Got Sick and Tired
B2. World Boogie
B3. School Learning
B4. Old Man Tom
B5. Gibson Town

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