McCoy TYNER Quartet – Enlightenment 1973

McCoy TYNER Quartet – Enlightenment 1973
Recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Casino De Montreux, Switzerland, July 7, 1973


This is one of the great McCoy Tyner recordings. The powerful, percussive, and highly influential pianist sounds quite inspired throughout his appearance at the 1973 Montreux Jazz Festival. Azar Lawrence (on tenor and soprano) is also quite noteworthy and there is plenty of interplay with bassist Juney Booth and drummer Alphonse Mouzon. But Tyner is the main star, whether it be on his three-part Enlightenment Suite, Presence, Nebula, or the 25-minute Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit.
Recorded in 1973 at the Montreux Jazz Festival, ENLIGHTENMENT is one of McCoy Tyner’s finest recordings (which, considering the quality of his catalogue, is quite a feat). Backed by drummer Alphonse Mouzon, bassist Juney Booth, and saxophonist Azar Lawrence, Tyner puts on a performance that incorporates elements of post-bop, modal, free jazz, and other styles (the influence of John Coltrane, Tyner’s former bandleader, is evident too).

The concert is presented in its entirety, a full 70 minutes, including the “Enlightenment Suite,” which is divided into three parts, “Presence,” and the 24-minute “Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit.” A kinetic, telepathic vibe can be heard evolving between these players, but this is very much Tyner’s show: his trademark chordings and dazzling runs are in full flower. Adventurous, stunning, and quite beautiful, ENLIGHTENMENT is a must-have for fans of Tyner and late-’60s/early-’70s jazz.
McCoy Tyner- Piano, Percussion, Synthesizer
Azar Lawrence- Tenor and Soprano Sax
Joony Booth- Bass
Alphonse Mouzon- Drums
01. Presenting the McCoy Tyner Quartet (Introduced by French disc jockey Pierre Lattès) 1:19
02. Enlightenment Suite, Part 1 – Genesis 10:02
03. Enlightenment Suite, Part 2 The Offering 4:00
04. Enlightenment Suite, Part 3 – Inner Glimpse 10:04
05. Presence 10:35
06. Nebula 9:39
07. Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit 24:04

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