Miles DAVIS and Horns 51-53

Miles DAVIS and Horns 51-53
1951 & 1953 / Miles Davis and the All Stars
1989 Issue.


t’s hard to understand all the talk about Miles’s drug habit causing his playing to be inferior during the early 1950s. This is, after all, the period during which Miles was cementing his status as a major star in jazz, and the aural evidence simply doesn’t support the conclusion that he was off his game somehow. On this lovely album, for instance, Miles is still developing his mature approach, and it’s great to hear him playing these long, lyric lines in the style of Kenny Dorham, all on an open horn with a brassy tonality. In a few short years, he wouldn’t be playing like this anymore, but you can still hear that melancholy, introspective quality to the playing that is purely Miles. The overall atmosphere on these sessions is a sort of relaxed, late-night version of hard bop, a hotter version of the cool, if you will. As for the supporting players here, pianist John Lewis is superb, and while I honestly can’t tell if its Al Cohn or Zoot Sims playing, the horn ensembles are nice. That’s really my only quibble with this record: the cuts tend to be far too short, with solos by Sonny Rollins, trombonist Bennie Green and Cohn/Sims kept to a single chorus. It puts the spotlight thoroughly on Miles’ longer solos, however, and he’s in fine fettle.
By Matthew Watters.
Piano- John Lewis (tracks: 01 to 04)
Alto Sax- Al Cohn (tracks: 01 to 04) , Sonny Rollins (tracks: 05 to 09) , Zoot Sims (tracks: A1 to 04)
Trombone- Bennie Green (tracks: 05 to 09) , Sonny Truit (tracks: 01 to 04)
Trumpet- Miles Davis
Bass- Leonard Gaskin (tracks: 01 to 04) , Percy Heath (tracks: 05 to 09)
Drums- Kenny Clarke (tracks: 01 to 04) , Roy Haynes (tracks: 02 to 09)
01. Tasty Pudding- Cohn, Davis 3:20
02. Floppy- Cohn, Davis 5:58
03. Willie the Wailer- Cohn, Davis 4:26
04. For Adults Only- Cohn, Davis 5:33
05. Morpheus- Lewis 2:21
06. Down- Davis 2:51
07. The Blue Room- Hart, Rodgers 3:00
08. The Blue Room(Alt Take)- Hart, Rodgers 2:47
09. Whispering- Coburn, Rose, Schoenberger 3:03

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6 Responses to “Miles DAVIS and Horns 51-53”

  1. Didn’t have this one, thank you .

    Cheers, Dom

  2. I never knew of the existence of this LP but it sure is a great recording. Many thanks.

  3. I have listen it, very interesting, Miles seems to be quite different to the quintet with Coltrane, very interesting record, thanks a lot.

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