Nat ADDERLEY – Work Song 1960

Nat ADDERLEY – Work Song 1960
OJCCD 363-2
1989 Issue.


This album brings back a near-classic by cornetist Nat Adderley. Utilizing a cornet-cello-guitar front line (with Sam Jones and Wes Montgomery) along with a top-notch rhythm section (pianist Bobby Timmons, Percy Heath, or Keter Betts on bass and drummer Louis Hayes), Adderley performs a fine early version of his greatest hit (“Work Song”) and helps introduce Cannonball Adderley’s “Sack O’ Woe.” Four songs use a smaller group with Timmons absent on “My Heart Stood Still” (which finds Keter Betts on cello and Jones on bass), “Mean to Me” featuring Nat backed by Montgomery, Betts, and Hayes, and two ballads (“I’ve Got a Crush on You” and “Violets for Your Furs”) interpreted by the Adderley-Montgomery-Jones trio. No matter the setting, Nat Adderley is heard throughout in peak form, playing quite lyrically. Highly recommended. By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Nat Adderley- (Cornet);
Keter Betts- (Cello);
Percy Heath- (Bass);
Wes Montgomery- (Guitar);
Sam Jones- (Cello);
Bobby Timmons- (Piano);
Louis Hayes- (Drums).
01. Work Song  4:12
02. Pretty Memory  3:50
03. I’ve Got a Crush on You  2:53
04. Mean to Me  4:59
05. Fallout  4:51
06. Sack o’ Woe  4:24
07. My Heart Stood Still  6:24
08. Violets for Your Furs  3:47
09. Scrambled Eggs  3:20

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