John COLTRANE – The Paris Concert 1962

John COLTRANE – The Paris Concert 1962
1993 Issue.


Each of the musicians in this fabulous live concert is given the chance to go with the music in front of a fantasticly appreciative and responsive crowd. Skip over albums that are live versions of the same studio recordings, played in some smoky bar with only background noise to tell you it’s live. This album captures the response of the crowd and the musicians feed off of it. A great Coltrane piece.
This was a brand new band when Coltrane played with Garrison, Jones and Tyner in 1961. The avant gaurde was years away, and this show works between standards and material from Giant Steps.
Of the three numbers, two are good, but it is Mr. P.C. that rules the album. The quartet jams for twenty minutes on the minor blues, changing it from a compact studio horse race into an improvosation vehical.
The blues changes on P.C. have a lemon bite and while all do well, Jimmy Garrison is king with his symphonic solo. Don’t beleive me: listen to the applause when he is through.
Ironically, Garrison’s early moment in the sun was named for Mr. Paul Chambers, a bassist Coltrane shared with one Mr M.D. Miles Davis.
By William R. Nicholas.
This excellent CD by the classic John Coltrane Quartet (with pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Elvin Jones) is highlighted by a 26-minute version of “Mr. P.C.” Also included on the album are “The Inch Worm” and the ballad “Every Time We Say Goodbye.” Although the sound and passion of the group on this date will not surprise veteran listeners, it is always interesting to hear new variations of songs already definitively recorded in the studios. The Paris Concert is recommended to all true Coltrane fanatics.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
John Coltrane- Tenor Sax
McCoy Tyner- Piano
Jimmy Garrison- Bass
Elvin Jones- Drums
01. Mr. P.C. 26:17
02. The Inch Worm 10:15
03. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye 4:48

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