Junior MANCE – Happy Time 1962

Junior MANCE – Happy Time 1962
1999 Issue.


Pianist Junior Mance was in excellent company on this inspired 1962 session with bassist Ron Carter and drummer Mickey Roker. Its unfortunate this trio only recorded together on this one date as their unity propels the blues, gospel, and bebop ideas Mance consistently feeds them. The program is highlighted by three Mance originals “Out South,” “Taggie’s Tune,” and the torrid joy of the opening theme “Happy Time,” along with versions of “Jitterbug Waltz,” “Tin Tin Deo,” and Mance at his soulful bluesy best on Clark Terry’s “The Simple Waltz.”
Al Campbell, All Music Guide.
Junior Mance- Piano
Ron Carter- Bass
Mickey Roker- Drums
01. Happy Time 6:17
02. Jitterbug Waltz 5:22
03. Out South 5:28
04. Tin Tin Deo 4:42
05. For Dancers Only 5:50
06. Taggie’s Tune 4:39
07. Azure Te 5:36
08. The Simple Waltz 5:20

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