Weather Report – Solarizarion's 1974

Weather Report – Solarizarion’s 1974
Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release
Recorded December 08, 1974


Weather Report was an influential jazz fusion band of the 1970s and early 1980s, combining jazz and latin jazz with art music, ethnic music, r&b, funk, and rock elements (in heavily varying proportions during the years), often demonstrating high levels of compositional and improvisational skills.

Being one of the groups most frequently associated with both fusion and jazz-rock may be seen as ironic, as Joe Zawinul once said in a Down Beat interview he “did not understand what fusion meant” and Pat Metheny once revealed he and Jaco Pastorius sometimes used to talk about how much they disliked that musical style called “jazz-rock”.
Joe Zawinul-  Keyboards
Wayne Shorter-  Saxophones
Alphonso Johnson-  Bass
Chester Thompson-  Drums
Dom Um Romao-  Percussion
A1. Mysterious Traveller (13:07)
A2. Nubian Sundance (11:57)
B1. American Tango (13:00)
B2. Black Torn Rose (16:34)

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