Wynonie HARRIS – Women, Whiskey, & Fish Tails 1940´s

Wynonie HARRIS – Women, Whiskey, & Fish Tails  1940´s
1993 Issue.
Recording at; Cincinnati, OH (11/07/1952-07/17/1957);
Fulton Studio, New York, NY (11/07/1952-07/17/1957).


WOMEN, WHISKEY AND FISH TAILS features 21 previously unreleased tracks Harris recorded for the King label in the late 1940’s.

Ace’s Women, Whiskey & Fish Tails spotlights some of the famous blues-shouter’s latter-day work (1952-1957) for independent R&B label King. Now joined by Ace’s ’50s-centric Harris survey, Lovin’ Machine, this 21-track disc takes the somewhat more obscure path through the catalog, substituting the still-electric likes of “Greyhound” and “Drinkin’ Sherry Wine” for chart hit “Bloodshot Eyes” and the classic alcoholism narrative “Drinkin’ Blues.” Far from just an artist in repose, though, Harris is in top form for most of it, especially on the gospel-infused “The Deacon Don’t Like It” and collection standout “Shake That Thing.” The Ace titles are best left to listeners looking for a second roundup, while newcomers probably will want to first check out survey discs on Rhino or the chronologically minded Classics label for more of Harris’ essential early hits and sides (“Good Rockin’ Tonight”).
By Stephen Cook.
Wynonie Harris- (Vocals, Drums);
Bill Johnson, Clarence Kenner, Kenny Burrell, Les Spann, Mickey Baker- (Guitar);
Hilton Jefferson- (Alto Sax);
Maxwell Lucas- (Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax);
David Bubba Brooks, Robert Darby, Fred Clark , Lowell Hastings, Rufus Gore, Hal Singer, Wesley Brooks, David Van Dyke, Red Prysock- (Tenor Sax);
Walter Hiles, Leslie Johnakins- (Baritone Sax);
Frank Humphries, Tommy Purkson- (Trumpet);
Cornelius Tate- (Trombone);
Eddie Smith , Kelly Owens, Sir Charles Thompson, Sonny Thompson- (Piano);
Gordon “Specs” Powell, Rossiere “Shadow” Wilson, Isaac Cole, Steve Boswell, Edison Gore, Calvin Shields, Bill Warren, Philip Paul- (Snare Drum).
01. Greyhound   2:55
02. Deacon Don’t Like It
03. Christina   2:45
04. Shake That Thing   2:18
05. Don’t Take My Whiskey Away   2:18
06. Drinkin’ Sherry Wine   2:33
07. Fish Tail Blues   2:38
08. Big Old Country Fool   2:38
09. Shotgun Wedding   1:59
10. Wine Wine Sweet Wine   2:04
11. Git to Gittin’ Baby   2:23
12. Mr. Dollar
13. Bad News Baby (There’ll Be No Rockin’ Tonight)   3:02
14. Bring It Back   2:17
15. I Don’t Know Where to Go   2:21
16. Man’s Best Friend   2:26
17. Keep-a-Talking   2:55
18. Please Louise   2:34
19. I Get a Thrill   2:34
20. There’s No Substitute for Love   3:05
21. Mama Your Daughter Done Lied on Me   2:17

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