Ahmad JAMAL – Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal 1959

Ahmad JAMAL – Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal 1959
LP 2638
Recorded: September 5 & 6, 1958, Spotlite Club, Washington, DC
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There’s this, from Shirley Horn in 1991: “Ahmad Jamal is my Debussy and Oscar Peterson my Rachmaninov.” Or Jarrett, on growing up: “You couldn’t hear jazz in Allentown. Then one day I found this album called Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal. I was completely fascinated by it.” Or Diana Krall: “I’m inspired by Ahmad Jamal and the way he took standards and did them his own way. I find that creatively fulfilling.”
“I believe in improvisation. All musicians improvise. Even Bach, Mozart and Beethoven improvised. Improvisation and freedom are synonymous. The goal of every musician is to be free, but freedom is rare.”

“I’m a wordless storyteller, someone who cares about the dynamics of music…Musical dynamics are human dynamics.”
“I’ve tried every context imaginable, but the trio is the most demanding. It’s very difficult to get an orchestral sound out the trio, but we do because I think orchestrally. The trio allows me a lot of space. I can play solo piano, duets with the bassist, drums and piano. Playing at optimum level is the challenge. What’s necessary for me is establishing a meaningful statement musically; and my experiences dictate certain musical utterances; and my training and inherent sense of judgment all feed into this. I already know what is happening before I reach the bandstand ninety per cent of the time. The value lies in my skill to interpret a song. It may go better than I planned, in some instances, but it’s not going to go any worse.”
“I listen to my own music now because I’m busy writing now–I started hearing some things–I’m writing all the time.  When you write you have to listen.  Writing music is very difficult. At a certain level the work begins to dictate itself.   I write the piano score first, then I’ll set down a bass line.  Sometimes I’ll give the bass the bottom and I’ll play subordinate tones.  I use very close harmonies.  I like strong rhythmic ideas, too.”
“It’s always exciting for me to sit down at the piano, and every time I do, something new happens, something surprises me, or I surprise myself. I played Poinciana last night and it was like a new song. That’s the reason there’s no such thing as old music. The wonderful thing about music is that it’s ageless.”
Ahmad Jamal
This is one fine Ahmad Jamal rekkid…a beautiful limited edition gatefold 2 LP Set which collects the remaining takes of the September 1958 Spotlite Club recordings left off the ‘Volume 4’ side. I think that if you had to first introduce someone to the beauty and genius of Jamal- start with this side. Excellent fidelity off the original Argo mono deep groove vinyl.
By Prestontw.
Ahmad Jamal- Piano
Israel Crosby- Bass
Vernell Fournier- Drums

A1. This Can’t Be Love  4:48
A2. Autumn Leaves  7:34
A3. Ahmad’s Blues  3:54
B1. Ole Devil Moon  3:50
B2. Selertius  3:02
B3. It Could Happen To You  4:06
B4. Ivy  2:45
B5. Tater Pie  2:56
C1. Let’s Fall In Love  4:54
C2. Aki Ukthay  3:13
C3. You Don’t Know What Love Is  4:21
C4. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was  3:20
D1. So Beats My Heart For You  3:36
D2. Gal In Calico  4:45
D3. Our Delight  4:50

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