Carey & Lurrie BELL – Dynasty! 1990

Carey & Lurrie BELL – Dynasty! 1990


You have to hear it to believe it. Father & son at their best all Carey & Lurrie Bell should be rated high. I have all of the Carey Bell cd’s, his second cd (Last Night) is the only weak one, a great collection for any harp lover. The vocals are also great, Lurrie’s guitar is just the style I like, a nice song selection too.
By Ronnie Cowlishaw Sr.
Carey Bell- Harmonica,Vocals
Lurrie Bell- Guitar,vocals
Pete Allen- Vocals,Guitar
Tyson Bell- Bass
James Bell- Drums
Guitar – Lurrie Bell, Pete Allen
Steve Bell- Harmonica
Jerry Soto- Organ
01. Brought Up The Hard Way 5:59
02. (I Shoulda Did) What My Mama Told Me 4:18
03. Sail On 5:52
04. I’ll Be Your 44 4:16
05. The Gladys Shuffle 6:08
06. I Need You So Bad 3:13
07. 1215 W. Belmont 1:45
08. Second Hand Man 6:18
09. New Harp In Town 3:24
10. Going Back To Louisiana 5:58
11. No Picks 2:33
12. I Don’t Need No Woman 8:19

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