Idris MUHAMMAD – Boogie To The Top 1978

Idris MUHAMMAD – Boogie To The Top 1978
KU 38


Idris Muhammad (born November 13, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana; is a jazz drummer. He was born Leo Morris on November 13, 1939 before changing his name in the 1960s upon his conversion to Islam. He is known for his funky playing style. He has released a number of albums as leader, and has played with a number of jazz legends including Lou Donaldson, Johnny Griffin, Pharoah Sanders and Grover Washington, Jr. He has been touring and recording with pianist Ahmad Jamal since 1995. At 15 years-old, one of Muhammad’s earliest recorded sessions as a drummer was on Fats Domino’s 1956 smash hit Blueberry Hill.

Pure jazz artists and lovers of the genre hated LPs like this. The most puzzling thing is that the album is in Idris’ name. Muhammad is a drummer, but solos are rare, he only does a brief one on the title cut, and he didn’t write, produce, or arrange anything. The rhythm play on “Boogie to the Top” is Muhammad’s brightest moment, the tune drives like a Jaguar with all the gears out — it’s 11 minutes of funky, percolating ear blasts, instigated by Idris’ stimulating rim shots. “Slow and bluesy” best describes “Bread,” sounds the drummer heard daily while growing up in Louisiana; Hiram Bullock’s intermittent guitar solos are scorchers. A peppy “One with a Star” has charm but changes directions so much it loses its flavor. “Stick It in Your Face” is whatever concept producer Dave Matthews had for Idris at its worst; the tune doesn’t get interesting until the vocalists stop singing the irritating chorus, which they only do for 15 seconds before returning as annoying as ever. Horns are listed on this session but are so far down in the mix they’re barely audible, except on “S-E-X,” where they should have deep-sixed the obnoxious vocals.
Bass- Will Lee
Drums- Idris Muhammad
Guitar- Hiram Bullock
Harp- Gloria Agostini
Keyboards- Cliff Carter
Percussion- David Friedman , Nicky Marrero , Sam Figueroa
Baritone Sax- Ronnie Cuber
Trumpet- Daniel Cahn , John Gatchell
Vocals- Frank Floyd , Ken Williams , Ray Simpson , Zachary Sanders
A1. Boogie To The Top  11:00
A2. Bread  5:33
B1. One With A Star  7:54
B2. Stick It In Your Face  5:23
B3. S-E-X  5:00

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